The 10 Best Tiffany Songs of All-Time


Tiffany Renee Darwish is an American former teen icon, singer, songwriter, and actress well known as Tiffany. Tiffany began her music career at a young age when she released her self-titled album at fifteen. The album features her first single hit, a cover of the Tommy James and Shondells song “ I Think We’re Alone Now,” which became her biggest hit and gained world recognition. This cover made Tiffany a mainstream star. Tiffany’s singles from her self-titled album followed up, and her third single,” I Saw Her Standing There,” a cover version of The Beatles, also became a success. It emerged number one on the US Billboard Hot 100 Chart. Tiffany’s first album was a commercial success, and it also peaked number one on the Billboard 200 Record Charts. Tiffany released other albums, Hold An Old Friend’s Hand, New Inside, Dreams Never Die, and others that failed to replicate the success of her first debut. Here are the ten best Tiffany songs of all time in descending order.

10. Radio Romance


“Radio Romance” was written by Mark Paul and John Duarte, and Tiffany released it in January 1989 as the second single from the album, Hold An Old Friend’s Hand. Although the song wasn’t a success, it emerged in the top 40 in the US. Tiffany is seen as a waitress in a diner calling a radio request line to request a song for her crush in the music video. In the song, Tiffany has a secret admiration for a guy, and she hopes they will be together one day.

9. It Is The Lover, Not The Love


Tiffany sings a romantic and heartbreaking song to express how she felt after going through a heartbreak. Love is a mystery, and the lyrics of this song are so genuine and so compassionate. Tiffany wants her listeners to know that love doesn’t hurt, but the lover does that. “It Is The Lover Not The Love” was released in 1988 from Tiffany’s album, Hold An Old Friend’s Hand. Anyone going through heartbreak would relate to this song.

8. If Love Is Blind


“If Love Is Blind” is a hit from Tiffany’s album, Dreams Never Die. It is an excellent song with the most profound lyrics that touch her fans’ hearts. Tiffany is in love in the song and says that loving someone is never easy, and sometimes you have to be blind and not listen to what people say about your partner. It is a beautiful song that has a lovely melody.

7. Danny


“Danny” was the first song from her self-titled album, Tiffany. The song is about abuse in a relationship and putting an end to it before it’s too late. Tiffany’s voice is powerful and wants her listeners to know that hitting and bruising aren’t loved, and one should leave such a relationship. You can use this song to advocate against domestic violence.

6. Feeling Of Forever


“Feeling Of Forever” is the final track released in June 1988 from Tiffany’s self-titled album, Tiffany. Tiffany is in love in the song and expresses her emotions and passion towards a guy and hopes for their love not to die. Although the song did get the recognition that it deserves, it emerged at number 50 on the US Billboard Hot 100.

5. Here In My Heart


“Here In My Heart” was a dedication to an American Teenager, Ryan White, a national poster child for HIV/AIDs in the United States, and further rededicated to troops serving in Gulf War. Diane Warren penned down the song and released it in January 1991 from Tiffany’s third album, New Inside. The song was used as a promotional single in 1990 in Japan and 1991 in America. During the 1996 Hip-O American compilation Greatest Hits In America and Japanese compilation, it gained attention.

4. All This Time


“All This Time ” is another Tiffany’s most excellent song in the United States. Lyrically, the song is about loving someone and love that Tiffany lost and finds her wondering how she will spend her time now that they are no longer together. The song was released in September 1988 as the first single from Tiffany’s second album, Hold An OldFriend’s Hand. The single was successful and emerged at number 7 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

3. Could’ve Been


“Could’ve Been” is a love song about a love that could have been better. The song was released in November 1987 as the third single from Tiffany’s self-titled debut album. The single was a success and reached the top on the US Billboard Hot 100, and it became the second consecutive number one-hit Tiffany had released. Also, the hit emerged number one on the Billboard Adult Contemporary and peaked number four on the UK Singles Chart.

2. I Saw Him Standing There


Another favorite of Tiffany’s cover songs is “I Saw Him Standing There,” it has a beautiful melody. The song was originally recorded by an English rock band, The Beatles. Tiffany wrote her version changing the lyrics to “him” instead of “her.” The song received significant airplay on VH1 and MTV, and the music video was a live performance of the song.

1. I Think We’re Alone Now


On the top of our top ten best Tiffany songs of all time is “ I Think We’re Alone Now,” which was initially recorded and released by American artists Tommy James and the Shondells. Tiffany covered the song, released it in 1987 on the MCA record label, and her version was immensely notable. This cover was Tiffany’s biggest hit that emerged number one on the US Billboard Hot 100 Chart list for two weeks and on various countries’ charts, including New Zealand, the UK, and Canada.

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