Adrian Smith explains why he switched playing in Iron Maiden

Adrian Smith from Iron Maiden guitarist explains why he switched playing another guitar in the band. He discussed his early guitars and explain them.

Adrian is one of the important guitarists at Iron Maiden’s band. Also, he loves the try, several guitar models, at the concerts. Now he makes an interview with The Captain at NAMM 2020. This happens at Anaheim Convention Center in California between January 16 to 19. He is one of the important effects on the fans. Iron Maiden guitarist Adrian Smith just gives the more explains why he stopped playing Gibson Les Paul in the band, names 1st guitar.

The interviewer asked if he grew up playing Strats and so his Jackson model felt natural, Smith replied:

“Not really. My first guitar was a Les Paul because I was a Thin Lizzy fan. I bought a Goldtop thinking I was gonna sound like Scott Gorham but, of course, I didn’t. I had to learn to play as well, so this came about. I mean, I played Les Paul for ages in Maiden, touring with it a lot. But it used to go out of tune a lot… And when I got one of these with a locking tremolo, and now this is my working guitar.”

Then the reporter asked “Maiden seems to be stronger than ever. What do you think the secret there is?” and Adrian continued:

“Well, we’ve always toured a lot, we never relied on records or radio play, so we’re always going on all over the world and if you build up fanbase like that, it tends to have longevity. We’re touring this year, I think in Europe, and we’re doing a bit down under as well.”

Adrian Smith member of Iron Maiden since 1980. You can watch the full interview below.

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