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ANTHRAX’s Scott Ian: “METALLICA just does things the right way”

ANTHRAX‘s guitarist Scott Ian talks about the Big Four, the early days of the thrash scene. He also says, “METALLICA just does things the right way” in the music industry.

This is one of the most well-known metal band in the thrash scene. Also, Scott Ian and bassist Dan Lilker is co-founder of ANTHRAX band. They are one of the band in the Big Four for the thrash metal scene. He has recently worked with Mr. Bungle alongside old Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo. In this band project, they are sharing a new record titled “The Raging Wrath of the Easter Bunny Demo” track.

During on appearance with Ultimate Guitar‘s David Slavković, Scott Ian reveals his thoughts on the Big Four and the early days of the thrash metal scene:

The ‘Big Four‘ was amazing, what an experience! It was as incredible as you think it would be, it was a great experience! METALLICA really – look, obviously, METALLICA just does things the right way.

They do things the way they want to, and they do things the right way. And when they made the decision to put the ‘Big Four’ together, they just really did everything perfectly, from top to bottom. The way the shows were put together, the way that all the bands were treated equally…

Look, we’ve all been friends since 1982 or 1983, and everybody’s gone on to have great careers in playing heavy metal music, and obviously, METALLICA has gone on to become one of the biggest – not just metal bands – but one of the biggest bands in the world. And when we were out at the ‘Big Four,’ it never really felt like it was just Metallica and then the other three bands. It was very inclusive, and they made everybody feel equal.”

He answered this question, “While we’re on the topic of the old days, and you discuss some of it in your book. Have you ever gotten a chance to see Metallica live with Dave Mustaine back in the day?”

“Oh, yeah, a few times. We played with them, Anthrax played with Metallica, like in New York and New Jersey, while Dave was still in the band.”

And also this, “What was Metallica live back then? How did it sound with him in the band?” 

“It sounded great. You know, Dave’s a great guitar player, so yeah, it’s Metallica. Just like it was with Dave Mustaine, just like it is with Kirk Hammett or Robert Trujillo, you know, it’s Metallica.

They were amazing, they were really impressive. Just sitting in the rehearsal room, listening to the songs that were going to be on [1983’s] ‘Kill ‘Em All’, it was a really exciting moment in time.”

You can watch Metallica: Am I Evil? (Live with The Big 4) below!

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