Beastars Season 2 Coming to Netflix in 2021

Beastars season 2 just confirmed by series creator Paru Itagaki. Netflix NX official Twitter account shared a short video that also includes Beastars manga creator for the updates new season.

This is the manga book adaptation anime series from Japan. The series returns huge followers on their land. Netflix pick-up the streaming rights to distribution outside Japan. Now recently a new video shared Netflix NX account, also the fans of the series want to look forward to its streaming release date. This video also featured a short video from the original Beastars creator Paru Itagaki also he is wearing a costume.

When is the Beastars season 2 release date?

There’s an official release date for season 2. We recently guess the upcoming season and this was true. The series creator Paru Itagaki shared a video with fans confirming that Beastars season 2 will be available on Netflix in 2021. But we don’t exact date however, we guess the second season will release in the early months of 2021. Check out the video below.

He talks in this video:

“Hi NX. I’m Paru Itagaki, author of Beastars. The anime season 2 will stream in 2021. It is currently in production. Please look forward to it!”

Here’s the official synopsis from Netflix: 

“In a school populated by anthropomorphic animals, a humble wolf with anxiety investigates a classmate’s sudden murder, while contending with his bewildering feelings for a kindly dwarf rabbit.”

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  1. Like the person above me, Itagaki-sensei is a female not a dude. She is a awesome mangaka and I look forward to Season 2!

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