The 10 Best Ashley McBryde Songs of All-Time

Ashley McBryde

Ashley McBryde is an exceptional country music artist. Born and raised in Arkansas, Ashley has a passion for writing songs and later relocated to Nashville to pursue her music career. Ashley McBryde has released a pair of self-made albums. In addition, in, 2016 Ashley McBryde released her extended play (EP) titled Jalopies and Expensive Guitars. Country artist Eric Church was impressed with the EP and supported Ashley McBryde’s music career. Through Eric Church’s support, Ashley McBryde was able to sign her first recording contract with Warner Music Nashville label. While working with the label, Ashley McBryde has released several albums; A little Dive Bar in Dahlonega, Girl Goin Nowhere, and Never Will. The albums released were a success and gave her recognition as a mainstream star and several musical associations. Additionally, one of her singles, “One Night Standard,” emerged top 20 in the American Country Songs Chart. Here are the top ten Ashley McBryde songs of all time ranked in descending order.

10. Bible and A .44


The song “Bible and A .44” is a gentle and personal song that Ashley McBryde sang for her ill father. Ashley McBryde describes her dad as a godly man who taught her to pray, hunt, and even spot a lie. This song brought Ashley McBryde to the limelight when Eric Church invited her to perform it during his tour. The video went viral and gave Ashly McBryde mainstream attention.

9. Radioland


“Radioland” is a song that Ashley McBryde narrates how she grew up when there were no internet, satellite, or cables except radios. Radios were used as a form of communication, and everything Ashley McBryde needed came from radio. Ashley McBryde further says listening to female artists who ruled country radio back in the 1990s helped her become the exceptional artists she is today.

8. Hang In There


The song “Hang In There” is a song that Ashley McBryde uses to offer comfort and encouragement and reassure that everything will be alright. The song is a single from Ashley McBryde’s album, Never Will. Ashley McBryde was inspired to write the song by a younger girl driving home who reminded her of her young self and the frustrations faced while she was a young girl.

7. American Scandal


“American Scandal” is a love song that tells the story of the romance of Marilyn Monroe and John Kennedy. Ashley McBryde desires and craves to have Monroe and Kennedy’s good old-fashioned romance. The song was released in January 2018 from Ashley McBryde’s album, Girl Goin Nowhere.

6. Andy (I Can’t Live Without You)


In this song, “Andy,” Ashley McBryde shows her vulnerability toward her longtime best friend, guitarist Andrew Sovine. Ashley McBryde wrote the song while in the kitchen after dealing with Andrew’s messes. They were living together at that time. The song is from Ashley McBryde’s album, Girl Goin Nowhere.

5. Fat and Famous


The number five song on our countdown of the top ten Ashley McBryde songs is the song “Fat and Famous” which was written by Ashley McBryde after she was asked to perform at her high school class reunion. Ashley McBryde was inspired to write the song by those mean girls who made fun of her during her high school days. Ashley McBryde says, “You Got Fat and I Got Famous, Ain’t that funny how it changes”. It is a beautiful song, and anyone who has been burned could relate to it.

4. The Jacket


Anyone with a favorite shirt or trousers would relate to this song. The song “The Jacket” tells us about the tale of Ashley McBryde’s dad’s favorite jacket, what it did and how it made him feel. Ashley McBryde’s dad eventually gave her his denim jacket, later stolen from her car. Ashley McBryde was heartbroken for losing the only thing her dad left for her and wrote this song to be at peace with it.

3. Martha Divine


“Martha Divine” was released in October 2020 from Ashley McBryde’s debut album, Never Will. Ashley McBryde penned down the song with Jeremy Spillman in a basement of an old church. The song was a hit and positively received by critics. Lyrically, the song talks about a girl angry with her dad who is having an affair with the titular Martha Divine. The song peaked at number 59 on the Billboard Country Airplay, and it remained there at the top for two weeks.

2. A little Dive Bar in Dahlonega


“A Little Dive Bar in Dahlonega” is a song based on actual life events, and anyone going through a hard time could relate to it. The song was released in October 2017 as the lead single to Ashley McBryde’s album, Girl Goin Nowhere. When they wrote this song, Ashley McBryde was having a bad day with her fellow co-writers, Nicolette Hayford and Jesse Rice. Nevertheless, the track was a success and recognized as one of the Best Songs of 2017 by The New York Times and Rolling Stones.

1. One Night Standards


Our top list of the ten best Ashley McBryde songs is “One Night Standards.” The song is incredible, and the lyrics are masterfully written. The song was released in September 2019 as the lead single to Ashley McBryde’s debut album, Never Will. We find Ashley McBryde hooking up and making ground rules that she doesn’t want anything complicated in the music. The song was a commercial success and has sold over 23,000 copies, and was nominated as the Single of the Year at the 55th MCA Awards.

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