The 10 Best Big Country Songs of All-Time

Big Country

Big Country is a Scottish band that was formed in 1981 and is still active to date. Their music is influenced by many different genres, most notably traditional Scottish folk, Alternative rock, new wave, folk rock, and Celtic rock post-punk. Throughout the years, they have released great songs, and in this article, we will discuss the ten best Big Country songs.

10. Wonderland

Wonderland song was released in 1984 as one of the lead songs in the album Steeltown. The song is about a man expressing his love for a woman and how he wants to be with her. He gives reasons why the woman should love him back, and they will both experience the wonderland. The song was composed and performed very well, the vocals are great, and the instrumentals are magnificent. This song was successful in the UK music chart peaking at number 27. The song was used as a sound truck in movies such as Back to the Future, Spinal Tap, and Phone Booth.

9. Ships

Released in 1991, Ships song was featured in the album No Place Like Home as the main track. The song is about a man who was in love with a woman and was rejected when things were not going well in his life. According to Rate your music, after all the hardship is gone, he finds new love, but the old love wants to come back, and he is wondering where she was when his ship was going down. It gained a huge following reaching number 12 on the UK music chart. The song was used in different films like The Client, The Wolf of Wall Street, and Back to Backs as a soundtrack.

8. Just a Shadow

This song was released as one of the main tracks on the album Steeltown in 1984. The song is about people in a relationship that was once good but now are having problems. Each has become a different person. They are now filled with questions about why the other person has changed and given a shadow of the person they should be. The song became famous, reaching number 4 on the UK music chart, and was featured in the movie Whisper and The Hunger as a soundtrack.

7. East of Eden

East of Eden song was released in 1984 and was the main track on the album Steeltown. The song is about someone questioning everything that is happening in their life as they are looking for positive things in life, but they are not finding any. He is now getting frustrated. The song was a breakthrough in the UK music chart, reaching number 6 for one week. Due to its popularity, the song was featured in movies like Highlander, Gladiator, and the A-Team as a soundtrack.

6. Fields of Fire

Fields of Fire song was among the hit songs released on the album The Crossing in 1983. The song is about a man who is far away from the one he loves and can’t imagine what she is doing at the moment, so he is hoping for an open field for them to be together. Soon he will be going back home, and there will be no distance between them. The song was undoubtedly successful, reaching number 16 on the UK music chart. It made its breakthrough in the US too. The song was used in movies like Sling Blade, Transporter 2, and Saving Mr. Banks as a soundtrack.

5. Republican Party Reptile

Republican Party Reptile was the first single released in 1991, and it was among the major track in the album No Place Like Home. The song is a very political song and is told by a man who is in a political party, but he is tired of what the party is doing, that’s why he is thinking like the opposition party. According to AZ lyrics, the song gained the support of the people and reached number 17 on the UK music chart. The song was selected for the soundtrack of many movies like A Few Good Men, The Hand that Rocks the Cradle, and Forget Paris.

4. Look Away

Look Away was the lead singer in the album The Seer, released in 1986. The song is about a man and his lover who are escaping from an enemy and the negative things that were said about him. Now they are finding a peaceful place where he can clear things up. The song was hugely popular, reaching number 7 on the UK music chart and topping in Ireland. It has been used as a soundtrack in movies such as The Client, Dracula 2000, and The Three Musketeers.

3. Chance

Chance was released in 1983 in the album The Crossing as the main track. The song is about a person paying the price of taking chances with the wrong love. The song was very successful in the UK music chart, where it reached number 3 for a week. In the US, it was ranked at number 80 on the Billboard Top Rock Tracks. The song has been featured in many movies, such as Bruce Almighty, Legally Blonde, The Truman Show, and Back to the Future.

2. King of Emotion

King of Emotion was released in 1988 as the main track in the album Peace in Our Time. According to music VF, it was such a hit song reaching number 6 on the UK music chart. It also did great in the US and made at number 82 on the Billboard Hot 100. The song is about a man who regrets not loving a woman who had loved and always wanted to be with him. He is sorry for the bad things he did to her and for not being around when needed. Know that he wants her to feel his emotions and will do everything to show how much he loves her. The song was almost sampled in different movies like Romeo Must Die and the Breakfast Club.

1. In a Big Country

In a Big Country is the biggest song that the band released in their career. The song was released in 1983 and was among the single tracks in the album The Crossing. It reached number 5 on the UK music chart and also made it to number 21 position of the Billboard Hot 100. It was awarded a Grammy to solidify its quality and influence. Movies and films such as Star Wars and Back to the Future have featured the song as a soundtrack.

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