The 10 Best Carly Pearce Songs of All-Time

Carly Pearce

Do you know who Carly Pearce is? If you are a fan of modern-day country music, then you may be very familiar with her, as she’s been performing since her teens, more than 20 years ago. However, those who don’t routinely listen to this particular genre of music may not be familiar with her work. One of the things that makes her style of music interesting is that she combines traditional country music with modern-day contemporary country and adds some elements of pop music into it for good measure. It gives her a very unique sound that is a little bit different from most of the other country artists that are currently performing. If you’re curious, here are 10 of her most popular songs, ranked from number 10 to number one. In case you want to listen for yourself, click on the YouTube link and see if her style of music is something that speaks to you.

10. It Won’t Always Be Like This (2020)


This is a song about not taking the things that you have right in front of you for granted. The lyrics talk about someone who can’t wait to get out of their hometown so they can move off to something bigger and better. Eventually, they do exactly that but they find themselves constantly looking back on their hometown and wishing that they could go back there. After years of struggling, they do go back, but they find that it isn’t quite the same as it used to be. It’s a song that is a stark reminder about seizing the moment and making the most out of everything while it’s happening because that particular moment in time will never come around again.

9. Should’ve Known Better (2021)


This is a song that talks about a girl growing up and watching the relationship between her own parents in both good times and bad. Eventually, she grows up and finds a relationship of her own, only to realize that she has made the exact same mistakes that her mother made in her own relationship. The song goes on to talk about how she should have known better than to make those mistakes because she served as a first-hand witness for them throughout her entire life.

8. Truth Be Told (2021)


This is a song that so many people can identify with because it talks about the propensity to tell everyone that you’re fine, even when you’re not. It also talks about the way that so many people tend to smile and say that they’re doing great, even when they’re absolutely breaking on the inside. It’s a song that points out the stark contrast between the facade that most of us put forth for other people and how we actually feel, bringing to light the question that hangs over so many of us. Why don’t we simply tell people how we’re really doing or ask for help when we need it? Hopefully, the song will make more people realize that it’s okay to say that they’re not okay when they’re struggling with something as opposed to trying to struggle with it all alone.

7. Every Little Thing (2017)


This is a rather sad song that talks about loving someone so much that you notice every single detail about them, only to have them not love you back. In fact, the lyrics go on to talk about how a relationship completely deteriorated and while one person was completely head over heels in love, the other wasn’t really doing anything except using that individual. This becomes painfully obvious when their so-called usefulness no longer exists and the other individual in the relationship promptly leaves without any care whatsoever about how they have made that person feel in doing so.

6. I Hope You’re Happy Now (2020)


Here is a rather heartbreaking song about love gone wrong, and more specifically, what happens when one person in a relationship isn’t truly in love, yet doesn’t care to be honest with the person who is. The song talks about the psychological damage that such a thing can do, ultimately pointing out how important it is to simply be truthful in a relationship even if the truth hurts.

5. Show Me Around (2021)


This is another love song, one that talks about how hard it is to keep up with long distance love. In short, it talks about falling in love and then one of the individuals moving away, eventually getting what amounts to a whole new life. The other person that was involved in the relationship is asking them whether or not they’ll be able to pick up where they left off when they can be in the same place together once again.

4. Hide the Wine (2017)


This too is a song about love gone wrong, but it’s told in a much funnier way. A woman’s former significant other comes back to town after they had a rather ugly break up. She finds out that he’s coming back to town and starts talking about how everyone else should hide the wine from her because left to her own devices, she’s going to drink all of it before she has to deal with him.

3. Next Girl (2021)


The lyrics in this song have a jilted lover writing a letter to her significant other’s next romance. There are plenty of people who have been in these types of relationships that would like nothing more than to write a detailed letter to the next person in line. The lyrics take a great deal of liberty with this, sometimes coming across as angry and at other times, almost humorous.

2. What He Didn’t Do (2021)


The lyrics here talk about the fact that there are always two sides to every story. In this particular case, the story is told in a relationship that has gone terribly wrong, with everyone taking one side over the other because that person’s story sounds better. Eventually, the other individual in a relationship decides to defend themselves, mentioning all of the ways that he never treated her right to begin with.

1. Never Wanted To Be That Girl ft. Ashley McBryde (2021)


This song tells the story of a girl that fell in love with a guy, ultimately deciding to move in with him without having any idea that he was actually married to someone else. Six months down the road, she finds out the truth but instead of confronting him, she simply beats herself up for allowing herself to fall into this type of situation in the first place.

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