The 10 Best Invent Animate Songs Ranked

Invent Animate are a certainly standout band from the metalcore scene. While the band carries a straightforward melodic sound overall, easily compared to ERRA, they are their own sound entirely. The band lost original vocalist Ben English in 2018 and gained Marcus Vik from Aviana shortly after. The band released an album, Greyview, their first with the vocalist in March 2020. Since formation the band’s name was originally separated with a comma as “Invent, Animate”.

The band has stated they do not use the comma for various reasons but overall, it didn’t carry the same weight it used to. This could also be viewed as a departure of sound or a step of maturity for the band. While music with the new vocalist has helped keep a similar sound, we’ll see how it compares. We’ll be comparing all of the band’s songs for our 10 best Invent Animate songs Ranked list.

10. Half Life

Half Life is an early jam, coming from the band’s debut album Everchanger. Melodic riffs leading into constant smashing cymbals and drums bleeds into what feels like a 4 minute breakdown. The song summarized everything the band sounds like but lacking the evolution the band shows with not just every album but every song. Half Life fades out with the shredding guitar that fills the song from beginning to end. Invent Animate has also released this song individually before their album featuring the song was released.


9. Lightfinder

Although released in 2012, before the band released their debut, this single release featuring Aaron Matts showcases everything the band would show the world it could do with everything they released. This song has all of the riffs, the ambience and the utter violence that is Invent Animate’s music.


8. Moon Phase

An instant headbanger, Moon Phase almost immediately seems like it’s going to be a slower song from the band. Maybe one of the faster paced songs from Invent Animate’s catalog, Moon Phase has the entire performing faster than ever. Of course it has the usual Invent Animate breaks of light but beautiful guitar work but overall this song is a speedy one, though and through.


7. Vacant

A slow guitar brings Vacant into play with the whole band coming together in one instance a few seconds in, making this song a perfect Invent Animate track immediately. While light in appearance, the clean vocals brought on from Invent Animate here help bring the song together in their own way. Bringing any sort of soft tone to tracks like these will always help bring it together one way or another.


6. Dark

Dark starts off with an immediate ambient bell type of sound but as a fan of Invent Animate it would be foolish to assume that this wouldn’t lead into something greater. The song eventually evolves into a classic Invent Animate track with each instrument slowly highlighted into the song until it all comes together into a big bang of ambient metalcore. Dark shows that while new vocalist Marcus Vik is aware he has big shoes to fill, he brings the weight with his own killer vocals.


5. Shapeshifter

This song starts off slower and more calm than any other Invent Animate song. With guest vocals from Garrett Russell, this song had to be a special one. The highest ranking song from Greyview on our Invent Animate songs ranked list, Shapeshifter features an awesome blend of vocal styles from the two vocalists present here. Displaying vocals like this shows the true potential a band carries that separates them from the rest of the scene.


4. Indigo

Indigo is the opening track on Stillworld, and it’s the perfect opening track for the band as a whole. Featuring more of a beautiful ambient, guitar work compared to rough riffs and crushing drums present through more Invent Animate songs. The drums on Indigo stand out a little more than on most tracks.


3. Wolf Skin

This song starts off very chug heavy but Wolf Skin leads into the classic endless riffs that make up every Invent Animate track. While not featured on any album, Wolf Skin is a hit all on its own that calling this a one-off single isn’t enough.  This song is more experimental, especially with a moment in the song of the screaming fading but obviously it wouldn’t be Invent Animate if it didn’t come back in swinging.


2. Nocturne: Lost Faith

Nocturne: Lost Faith starts off with the immediate ambient vibes that the band carries throughout all of its music. While the band presents slamming drums and constant riffs throughout all of their songs, the ambience is what overall finalizes the sound that is Invent Animate. Another release from the band’s debut album, Nocturne: Lost Faith slows down briefly with screaming vocals only to take a full 180 and drive full speed back the direction the song started in. Comparing this song to other albums, it’s clear that the band has evolved from this sound but kept true to the core they wished to represent from the beginning.


1. Luna

Luna is the perfect ambience track to help you fall into the general sound that all future Invent Animate tracks represent. Although another song from the band’s first release, I think the band has stayed true to their sound, even with getting a new vocalist, after every release but this song is truly everything that is Invent Animate. Due to this song’s perfect showcasing of the entire band, it earned the number one spot on our Invent Animate songs ranked list.

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