Best IO Games for 2021: The Top 11 You Should Play

The best IO games list is ready for 2021! You don’t need to download games anymore, online games are just a click away. You find IO games that weird but also awesome, right? Your interest is getting more and more every day, and the pleasure of playing online games feels different. Moreover, they do not even want high storage space! We have prepared a lot of IO games for you with all kinds of different tastes. But first, let’s explain the IO game to those who do not know the taste of IO games and have not discovered this pleasure.

What are IO Games?

First of all, you don’t need to download any apps or create an account. Just open your browser and play your game. IO is the general name for online game genres. So if you ask what this stands for IO, this is actually the domain name extension of the Indian Ocean. Since the IO domain name is quite short and simple, it has become widespread in this field.

Top 11 IO Games for 2021

1 – Logo

Do you like to feel yourself the owner of all real estate and bankrupt your friends? Now the browser world also has a board game. This is a board game, similar to Monopoly. You will decide your destiny by starting with 1500 dollars. Remember, money can change people. Let’s see how it will happen to you.

2 – games is a multiplayer shooting game created by Docski. Fight online against real players in a vast open-world as you explore a variety of weapons, vehicles, and equipment. You control a constantly moving character that makes it possible to maneuver and shoot at the same time. Since each weapon is unique with its own strengths and weaknesses, you can easily create your own style of play and set yourself apart from other players. Are you ready to become the world’s first fully powered super soldier? Go and conquer, soldier!

3 –


Do you love FPS games? If you want to play the FPS game from your browser without downloading or buying it, is for you. In the Counter-Strike-like game, players can also make and play their own maps. If you’re looking for an addictive game, we recommend you try

4 –

Great game for survivors! In a dystopian world, nature has returned to reclaim its rights. In, a survival game, you will try to protect yourself against many other people until your last breath. Build a bunker, weapon, and produce your own food. You can play this completely free survival game online for free.

5 – War in


Get ready for a space adventure. Space is no longer black, but red and blue. Your only mission is to overcome the defenses of the enemy team and destroy its base. Don’t worry if you have a weak and simple spaceship, this game has as many custom features and upgrades packs as you want.

6 –


Grab your gun and get ready for battle against two other actual players on the battlefield! Upgrade your equipment, capture all areas, and find all the glowing green spots on the map, and change your weapon every time you respawn. There are several weapons to choose from such as Scar, Shotgun, Tec-9, and even a Sniper rifle! Invite your friends by sharing the link on the lobby screen and enjoy this amazing game together!

7 –


Another IO game for Battle Royale game lovers, here is! Collect supplies and weapons and neutralize your opponents by playing with an up-down perspective on two different maps you can play. You can play alone with actual people online, or in teams of two or four with your friends. In addition, we can play the game on mobile browsers.

8 – Mini Royale 2


Are you addicted to Battle Royale? Do you love games like PUBG, Fortnite, and Apex? There is no need to explain much because this game is very similar to theirs. Jump off the plane, find weapons and go to kill people. This great game that you can play with many players online is completely free and you can enter the game within seconds.



Shell is a multiplayer first-person shooter genre game with solid egg characters. I personally believe that 90% of their memes were created for shits and giggles. The first prank in the game is extremely funny. After the intro sequence, you’re stuck in a safe room. You know that there is a black door there somewhere, but there are no doors, just a revolving blue orb that when touched sets off a gas grenade.

10 –


Do you remember Xonix in 1984?’s concept is very similar to Xonix. Be prepared for the enemies willing to subordinate you! Seize their land and destroy your owners. But watch out, your tail is your weak spot.

11 – is an electronic web-based board game that positions itself as an option in contrast to the profoundly mainstream Settlers of Catan tabletop game. You assume the job of a pilgrim and you should fabricate a development and extend your region. Building settlements expand your creation and triumph focuses, yet it makes you an objective for different players. Incredibly straightforward principles with enormously profound ongoing interaction. Join the system, arranging, and tricky arrangements to win. The base game is 4 players. The main player to arrive at 10 focuses wins. Can be played solo versus bots, with companions, or with online players everywhere in the world.

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