The Borderlands Movie Rumors, Release Date, Cast and Production

The movie of The Borderlands video game is coming! There is very little known about the movie and we have prepared all the details for you.

The Borderlands game is a very fun game with its own graphic style. This RPG and FPS game was first released in 2009 and the last game in 2019. Since the day they published it, it has managed to become a big brand and gain popularity. They have made different adaptations of the video game in many styles. The Borderlands is now coming as a movie.

Adam Goodman, president of the Hungarian production services company MidAtlantic Films, recently spoke to The Hollywood Reporter. Goodman talked about some productions that are about to start shooting in Hungary. One of these productions is The Borderlands. We have prepared what is known about the movie for you.

Where is The Borderlands movie in production?

The Borderlands will be shot in Hungary, just like the Dune movie.

Hungary is a very cautious and disciplined country in terms of COVID-19 protections, and there are frequent tests that must be used in the film and television industry. This has made it the center of many productions.

What is The Borderlands movie About?

We don’t know the story of The Borderlands movie yet. The plot of the movie may have been adapted from any of The Borderlands video games. Therefore, it is useful to know the synopsis of The Borderlands game.

Here’s the official description: In the distant future of the year 2864, several colonization ships head to a planet on the edge of the galaxy: Pandora. The colonists are drawn there in search of a better life as well as vast mineral resources that are said to be on the planet, free for the taking.

Sometime after settling, the colonists discover that the planet offers little aside from decrepit alien ruins. When the companies mining the planet leave, they let loose the criminals they had employed as forced labor and left any other colonists there.

Who is the cast of The Borderland Movie?

The director of The Borderlands movie will be Eli Roth, and Cate Blanchett will be cast as Siren Lilith, one of the game’s characters.

Also, according to rumors, Kevin Hart may appear as the soldier Roland.

the soldier Roland and Kevin Hart
the soldier Roland and Kevin Hart

When The Borderlands movie release?

They will start shooting in a short time, but no information has been announced yet for the release date. According to rumors, the movie will be released in early 2022.

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