The 10 Best Maren Morris Songs of All Time

Maren Morris

Since exploding onto the country scene, Maren Morris has quickly made a name for herself thanks to her incredible voice, catchy songs, and hardworking demeanor. With two studio albums under her belt already (plus one Grammy) and a new baby girl with fellow country music superstar Ryan Hurd, it’s safe to say we’ve only begun to see what this powerhouse is capable of. Here are the ten best Maren Morris songs of all-time:

10. I Could Use a Love Song – (from the album “Hero” – 2016)


Ironically, one of Maren’s best songs is not one of her most well-known. “I Could Use a Love Song” was co-written by Maren and Jimmy Robbins and had very clever lyrics. In this song, Maren sings about how she hasn’t given up on love. She knows that she’ll find it someday, even if it feels like she’s looking for a needle in a haystack. It took some time for “I Could Use a Love Song” to grow on me, but I couldn’t get enough of this track once it did.

9. Seeing Blind – (from the album “Flicker” by Niall Horan – 2016)


An Oxymoron it is. Maren’s duet with Niall Horan on his album “Flicker” was definitely one of the best collaborations of 2017 (if not the best), and this song truly showed off both artists’ talents. Maren has covered other people’s songs like “Second Wind” by Kelly Clarkson and “Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters” by Elton John as a solo artist. Her voice is so distinct that she can make a cover of someone else’s song still feel like it belongs to her. The same goes for Niall Horan, as many covers of One Direction songs have been made after the band broke up, but none sound as good as Niall’s releases. That’s why this song deserves a spot on such a list because it shows how talented both Maren and Niall are individually, while also showing how great they sound together.

8. Girl – (from the album “Girl” – 2019)


Don’t let the low placement on this list fool you. It is one of Maren’s best songs, featuring some great guitar licks that I would love to see her incorporate into her future releases. Released on January 8, 2019, “Girl” is an anthem for all women: mothers, sisters, daughters, and friends included. It features lyrics like “Girl, don’t you stop your cryin’, I know that you’re tryin’, Everything’s gonna be okay”. It’s an emotional song, and although it doesn’t have a “storyline,” it pictures Maren as your girlfriend or best friend telling you that everything will be okay and you aren’t alone in your struggles.

7. Just Another Thing – (from the album “Hero” – 2016)


Another interesting take on love from Maren is “Just Another Thing,” which sounds like it could’ve been written by Taylor Swift (to whom Maren has been compared many times before). It’s a song about how love can be difficult at times, but it’s still worth it. And while some people might think of “Just Another Thing” as one of Maren’s lesser-known songs, I would beg to differ. I find myself going back to Maren’s debut album “Hero” a lot, and this song is one of the reasons why. It showcases all of Maren’s best qualities as a singer and a songwriter: strong vocals, an infectious beat, and a catchy chorus.

6. “Once” – (from the album “Hero” — 2016)


“Once” is a show-stopper and one of the best songs on Maren’s debut album. As a single, it was more of an album track than a radio hit, and that’s probably why not many people know about this song. Maren’s encounter with her ex-boyfriend’s mother inspired the song, which made her look back at their relationship and hoped that she could get that feeling back. It’s one of Maren’s best songs because it shows off her vocal range and the raw emotion in her voice when she sings the song live.

5. 80s Mercedes – (from the album “Hero” – 2016)


It’s hard to make a list like this and not include songs from Maren’s first album. Although that album has its fair share of hit songs, none compare to “80s Mercedes”. This song is my favorite on Maren’s debut because it is such a unique sound for her. The chorus’s melody sounds like it could be the music to a totally different song, but it somehow comes together perfectly with the lyrics and Maren’s voice. This song is just fun – I can’t think of any other way to describe it.

4. The Middle – (as a Single, alongside Zedd and Grey — 2018)


Maren is as versatile as they come. It’s hard to pin her as just a country artist because she isn’t limited to that genre. “The Middle” is an example of that. It’s a great electronic song that went to #1 on the US Hot Dance/Electronic Songs (Billboard) and got as high as #3 on the US Adult Top 40 (Billboard). It truly showed how Maren could expand her horizons and make a song that could go on an entirely different chart. And it’s not just her vocals that shine in this song. Zedd and Grey do a great job producing “The Middle,” adding a synthesizer beat to the background of this song.

3. Rich – (from the album “Hero” – 2019)


Maren seems to be addressing a serious issue with this song. Why do we gravitate towards people who are bad for us? Why is it hard to just swear them off? Why is it that every time we fall for someone, it seems like we know that they aren’t the right person for us? Maren asks all of these questions in “Rich,” and I think many people can relate to this song. It’s a great track by an artist with so much talent. It’s catchy, well-written, and a great way to kick off the top three.

2. The Bones – (from the album “Girl” – 2019)


It’s barely a decade since Maren stepped into the music scene, but she already has many hits and chart-topping singles under her belt. Her lyrics are clever, fun, and relatable, and her style is very nontraditional. Well, “the Bones” might be her most meaningful and mature song yet. It even landed her a Grammy nomination. The song is catchy, and therefore easy to gloss over its deeper meaning. As it stands, Maren is giving us some pointers on what makes a strong relationship. When the foundation is good, a relationship is strong. With a thoughtful melody and a gentle beat, “The Bones” is a mature reflection on love from an artist who has been writing songs since she was 14 years old. It’s definitely one of Maren’s greatest hits.

1. My Church – (from the album “Hero” – 2016)


Maren’s breakout hit compares her experiences when driving down the highway listening to country songs on the radio to her church. It’s a catchy, fast-paced song that made Maren an instant star when it was released in early 2016. While I’ve heard this song way too many times since its release, it’s still one of Maren’s best songs and is always fun to hear when it’s played on the radio or at a concert.

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