The 10 Best Marie Osmond Solo Songs of All-Time

Marie Osmond is the sole sister among the nine Osmond siblings. She is famous for performing duets with her brother Donny. However, Marie Osmond has had a successful solo career since she was a teenager in the early 1970s. As such, she has released some very well-known solo songs.

Here is our opinion of the ten best Marie Osmond solo songs ever released:

10. “Like a Hurricane”

“Like a Hurricane” came from The Best of Marie Osmond. It wasn’t one of her earlier hits. Instead, it was included as a bonus for the compilation album. By that point, Osmond had passed the peak of her career. However, “Like a Hurricane” still reached the number 57 position on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. The song is easy to like, so it isn’t hard to see why people responded enthusiastically.

9. “Without a Trace”

Meanwhile, “Without a Trace” was a single from All in Love. Given the studio album’s name, interested individuals might guess the song is about love. If so, they’d be right, though not necessarily in the way they expected. “Without a Trace” is addressed to someone grieving because of a lost relationship. It isn’t known what happened. Moreover, focusing too much on that would be missing the song’s point, which is that a broken heart will heal over time. Indeed, the narrator says her grief for her lost relationship has already disappeared, thus explaining the song’s name.

8. “Music Is Medicine”

“Music Is Medicine” is the title track of Osmond’s tenth studio album in 2016. This song isn’t capable of matching her output from her peak. Still, “Music Is Medicine” has its charm because it showcases the artist at a much later point than her best-known material. The contrast can be intriguing.

7. “In My Little Corner of the World”

In contrast, “In My Little Corner of the World” came from a much earlier point in Osmond’s career. Specifically, it was the title track of her second studio album. The song has its merits. Sadly, it is somewhat overlooked because it has been overshadowed twice over. First, “In My Little Corner of the World” didn’t match the runaway success of its immediate predecessor, “Paper Roses.” Second, Osmond’s version fell short of the original version by Anita Bryant in 1960. That said, interested individuals shouldn’t make the same mistake of overlooking this song.

6. “Everybody’s Crazy ‘Bout My Baby”

“Everybody’s Crazy ‘Bout My Baby” met with a strong reception in 1987. It reached number 24 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. Something that made it at least somewhat competitive with the other singles from I Only Wanted You.

5. “Who’s Sorry Now”

“Who’s Sorry Now” is an even older song than interested individuals might expect. This is because it was released in 1923. Osmond’s version isn’t the best known. That honor goes to Connie Francis, who chose it for her solo debut before making it her signature song. Despite this, Osmond’s version is one of the more memorable interpretations, as shown by how it reached number 40 on the Billboard Hot 100.

4. “I Only Wanted You”

As mentioned earlier, Osmond released a studio album called I Only Wanted You. Thanks to that, interested individuals should have no problem guessing this is that studio album’s title track. Moreover, “I Only Wanted You” was a hit that peaked at 14 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. That wasn’t as good as its predecessor, “You’re Still New to Me,” a duet with Paul Davis. Still, it isn’t just any song that can make it that high on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart.

3. “Read My Lips”

“Read My Lips” is another example of Osmond reinterpreting a song first recorded by someone else. That said, it stands out because her version is the one that stands out among the crowd. Something made possible because Osmond’s take on “Read My Lips” was popular enough to soar to the fourth position on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart.

2. “There’s No Stopping Your Heart”

Osmond has had four singles reach the top of the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. She performed two of them alone. “There’s No Stopping Your Heart” is the latter of the two, having come out in 1985. That was more than a decade after the first of Osmond’s singles to do the same. As a result, it is no exaggeration to say that “There’s No Stopping Your Heart” was a comeback for Osmond as a solo artist, even though she had extra momentum because of the success of her duet – “Meet Me in Montana” – with Dan Seals.

1. “Paper Roses”

Unsurprisingly, “Paper Roses” occupies the top of this list. As the story goes, Osmond decided to pursue a music career because her brothers’ management convinced her. However, she decided on a separate course from her brothers by becoming a country solo artist. Her management decided she should start by reinterpreting the oldies, which had already worked out for Donny.

The result was “Paper Roses” in 1973. It was Osmond’s first single as a solo artist. Furthermore, it instantly established her credibility as a solo artist because it rose to the fifth position on the Billboard Hot 100. In other words, “Paper Roses” wasn’t just a hit with country listeners but also pop listeners. As such, it can claim a share of the credit for Osmond becoming a well-known country pop solo artist.

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