The 10 Best Mitski Songs of All-Time


Meet Mitski, a Japanese-American singer, songwriter, and guitarist who’s made dozens of appearances in concert halls and other musical arenas. The first time you hear her music, you might mistake her for Ellie Goulding. The two may share melancholic voices, but their musical styles are different. For one, Mitski infuses classic alternative rock with a dramatic twist to her songs, which will leave you begging for more. Her songs will place you somewhere between a rock and a hard place, such that you don’t know whether to cry a river or get up on the floor to dance. Either way, here are the 10 best Mitski songs of all time that you should consider in your playlist.

10. Townie


Mitski’s “Townie” embodies self-gratification, despite the challenges that life brings you. It takes you to a place where everyone around you wants to demean your spirits and lower your self-esteem. Mitski uses this song to restore hope in people going through hurdles at their workplaces, homes, or other places. We have all felt challenged by people facing inner child wounds, and the best person to project their feelings was you. Mitski’s lyrics will lift your spirits if you’re in this situation. The song evokes wild youthful scenery, a stylistic approach to make millennials glued, apart from fierceness. Tune to this song on your way to work.

9. Brand New City


Released in 2012, “Brand New City” is one of Mitski’s oldest and most empowering songs of all time. It’s the third track of her debut album, “LUSH.” It depicts how the youth struggle to fit in with societal norms yet moral decay. It would be best if you were in a position where you feel like life’s odds are against you, and the only thing to calm you down is a song oozing empowerment. Listen to this song if life hurdles weigh you down.

8. Pink in the Night


The feeling of loneliness despite being in a crowd is a stressful situation. While you might be introverted, it’s practical to find someone to revive your lost hopes and make your presence known. That’s what Mitski’s song, “Pink in the Night,” will do to you. The music starts lazy but gains momentum as it nears the climax, typical of classic alternative rock songs. Upon hitting “play,” you won’t help but hear her say, “I love you.” When was the last time someone said these essential words? We won’t delve much, but hearing those words makes you feel adored and appreciated. Whenever you are wallowing in loneliness, this song is your go-to vibe.

7. I Bet on losing dogs


If you feel unreciprocated on matters of love, the best song to listen to is “I bet on losing dogs.” Mitski uses the metaphor “betting on losing dogs” to mean getting in a relationship, hoping it will work despite the red flags you keep seeing. You know it’ll end badly, but you keep holding on to it. Mitski compares herself to a losing dog, hoping her lover will change and become the person she wants him to be

6. First Love/ Late Spring


Everyone remembers their first love like life depends on it. It doesn’t matter whether you ended up marrying them or moving on with someone else. “First Love/ Late Spring” oozes energy to failed relationships. If your romantic relationship hits the rocks or is walking on eggshells, this song is more like a patching machine any jilted lover or anyone feeling unappreciated in a relationship needs. It is no wonder music analysts rate it one of the best Mitski songs that will go down in her career history.

5. Come into the Water


Are you feeling like your life is stagnating? Does your life feel like you’re walking on eggshells, and everything seems to be going against you? Worry not; “Come into the Water” is the dose you need to patch up your broken spirits. The 1:31-minute song is very emotional and impactful. Mitski mentions how trapped you feel, only to restore your hopes in life with her soothing words. Hum to this song if you’re in a point of stagnation.

4. Last Words of a Shooting Star


Restoring hope while soothing souls is so typical of Mitski’s music. She makes it look like she’s starring at her death but changes her mind at the last minute. According to Vulture, the song is in the acoustic version epitomizing the feeling of going down in a plane crash. Imagine cleaning out your bedroom at night and bidding your loved one farewell before leaving. Just when everything is about to fall apart, you realize that it was all a dream. What a wonderful twist in a song!

3. I Will


Everyone has gone through a point of no return. Getting therapy might seem a little overboard, so the only way to calm down is through a song. At this point, you need third-party words of comfort. That’s where “I Will” comes in handy. The music constantly repeats its title, which is quite comforting. It starts slow before picking momentum, a transition style that’s so typical of Mitski. According to BuzzFeed, this song will make you hear words that your lover should tell you.

2. Carry Me Out


“Carry Me Out” is what anyone will want when shouting their crushes’ names from the rooftops, hoping they will hear. It starts quietly, steadily rising to a crescendo. Who doesn’t know that’s Mitski’s style of reaching out to everyone’s attention? We like that this song can mimic emo songs, but it won’t make you feel useless, unlike the latter. The song suits best when in an anxious mood.

1. My Body’s Made of Crushed Little Stars


What will you do when you’re in a state of despair, and the only way to let out your feelings is by screaming it out? Use this opportunity to sing along to “My Body’s Made of Crushed Little Stars.” It positions Mitski in mountains and valleys as her haters try bringing her down. It’s the reason this song came at number one on this list. You can listen to it when you’re feeling crushed.


If you need to let out your emotions or fight off feelings causing you to be low in spirits, Mitski will make you feel victorious again. According to Stereo Gum, her songs evoke emotions that everyone feels regardless of their gender. Also, they touch on practical and real-life situations, be it work, romance, or family affairs. While we might have a biased opinion regarding the 10 best Mitski songs of all time, we recommend you to listen to each and come up with your verdict.

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