The 10 Best Shalamar Songs of All-Time

One of the most famous bands in the 1970s and 1980s was Shalamar. It comprised Howard Hewett, Jody Watley, Jeffrey Daniel, and their main dancer, Jermaine Stewart. However, Hewett left the group in 1985 and went solo. The group disbanded in 1990 after releasing their final album, Wake Up, the same year. According to Shalamar, the group sold more than 25 million records before their split in the mid-eighties. At the time, the world regarded them as fashion icons and trendsetters who introduced “body-popping” to the UK. Here are the ten best Shalamar songs of all time.

10. Right in the Socket (1979)


“Right in the Socket” is one of the songs on Shalamar’s Big Fun album. Leon Sylvers III produced it as the ‘classic’ Shalamar’s line-up. The song talks about a man who regrets his past life and thinks “the losing dice were tossed.” However, he knows there’s always a silver lining to every challenging situation. So, he hopes the second chance he’s got will attract better things ahead.

9. Don’t Try to Change Me (1982)


“Don’t Try to Change Me” is another fantastic track on Shalamar’s Friends/ Go for It album. The group released it in 1982. It mainly talks about an unknown character tired of people trying to change him. It’s unclear who he was referring to because anyone, including his lover or friend, can try to change him. All he wants is for people to accept him for who he is. This is one of the songs you might want to dedicate to any manipulative person.

8. Over and Over (1983)


In 1983, Shalamar also recorded and released a song titled “Over and Over” for their album The Look. It was written by Leslie Dominick, Sylvers Leon F, and Shelby William B. The opening verse describes a man heaping praises on his newly found lover. You don’t need rocket science to notice that it’s a romantic song. Overall, it’s an excellent piece to dedicate to your lover so they feel appreciated.

7. Somewhere There’s a Love (1980)


We’ve all gone through rough patches, especially concerning love matters. That feeling leaves you complacent, wondering if there’s a love just for me. If you’ve ever been in this situation, you will understand the lyrics of “Somewhere There’s a Love.” It’s one of Shalamar’s songs featured on their Three for Love album. Its opening verse describes someone living in denial but hopeful that they will one day find true love. We found this song interesting because of the emotions it draws once you pay attention to its lyrics.

6. Take That To The Bank (1978)


“Take That to the Bank” is an idiomatic expression people use to emphasize that something is 100% true. It’s also the title for Shalamar’s song featured in their Disco Albums album. The song by Kevin Spencer and Leon Sylvers III primarily describes a relationship walking on eggshells. The singer convinces his lover that he’ll remain true to the relationship. He goes ahead to emphasize that she can take that to the bank. Isn’t it an excellent song to dedicate to your doubtful lover?

5. There It Is (1982)


Another fantastic track on Shalamar’s Friends/ Go For It album is “There It Is.” it mainly describes a man in love. The man in question keeps asking his lover what took them so long for a love so strong. It’s unclear who he was referring to, but you can easily guess it was his then-girlfriend. Such pieces restore hope to anyone feeling hopeful that their love will thrive no matter the stumbling blocks laid before them. If this describes your situation, you will find this song captivating.

4. I Can Make You Feel Good (1982)


Shalamar’s Friends/ Go For It album also features a superb song called “I Can Make You Feel Good.” The group released this song in 1982. The opening verse describes a man trying to woo a woman. He assumes the lady has been hurt in her past relationships but promises he won’t waste her time. You can tell from his voice that he means well for the lady, so he doesn’t want to wait. It’s an excellent piece to sing along to your love interest. And if you don’t have any, you can still enjoy the lyrics.

3. The Second Time Around (1979)


According to Deezer, “The Second Time Around” is one of Shalamar’s songs released in 1979. It was one of the classics that helped Howard Hewett and Jeffery Daniel earn 100 gold, silver, and platinum awards. Sources even reveal that Jeffery Daniel’s talent in street dance made him the dance mentor for Michael Jackson. That’s how the moonwalk became trendy. Currently, the group is on a Shalamar songbook tour, and the tickets are still valid.

2. A Night to Remember (1982)


“A Night to Remember” is a song that Shalamar released as the second single from their 1982 album, Friends. The group also used it in a television advert for the Harvester restaurant chain. It peaked at five on the UK Singles (OCC) and 44 on the US Billboard Hot Soul Singles. You can tell it’s about an unknown character reminiscing about the wonderful memories he spent with his lover one night.

1. This Is for the Lover in You (1980)


“This Is for the Lover in You” is a song featured on Shalamar’s 1980, Three for Love album. It was written by Howard Hewett, a trio member, and by Dana Myers. The song peaked at 17 on the US Billboard Hot Soul Singles. There’s also the Babyface version which he released on October 5, 1996.

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