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Deep Purple bassist Roger Glover: “We maybe release last studio album”

Deep Purple bassist Roger Glover talks about the upcoming “Whoosh” studio album. He also discusses the band’s heavy duty and they are maybe releasing their last album.

On July 27th, interview on ‘Talkin’ Rock With Meltdown‘ with Deep Purple‘s Roger Glover. He reveals the impact joined Bob Ezrin had on the band. Also, how it helped them to focus on writing new songs and projects. Roger also says getting into the Rock Hall, “Smoke on the Water“, putting the band back together in the mid-’80s and focus on the future. In addition, the band upcoming “Whoosh!”, the studio album is due out on August 7th, 2020.

Deep Purple bassist Roger Glover answered some questions:

“Well, it was recorded last year, actually, so the pandemic thing didn’t come into it, although I have to say some of the lyrics kind of have a disturbing connection. Yeah, ‘Whoosh!’, 21st album, 50 years in the making. Every album is potentially our last album. We thought the last album was the last album, but there’s another one. So we just keep going.

I remember Jon Lord once described Deep Purple as an atomic toy – it just keeps going.”

You can listen to the Roger Glover full interview below.

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