Granny Goodness Appears Besides Darkseid in New ‘Justice League’ Teaser

Day by day, we are getting more closer to the premiere, and it seems Zack Snyder is also counting days with us. And at the same time, a new teaser for Snyder’s Justice League has arrived which includes Granny Goodness standing behind Darkseid even just as a faded looming.

But who was she and what she will be doing with Darkseid? Let’s remember a little before we jumped into the trailer first.

Who is Granny Goodness?

Granny Goodness is not paradigms of motherhood and femininity but a symbol of the monstrous feminine. She eases traditional paradigms of motherhood through her wickedness. She was one of the best and most loyal warriors in the Darkseid army so that also means she has access to highly advanced weaponry as well. Considering her age, she is surprisingly strong that she can still lift several tons with ease. Also, she is quite good at hand-to-hand combat and resistant to most forms of physical attacks. As her main offensive weapon, she teleports and blasts firepits energy at her adversaries.

You might have seen her in the pages of Justice League, in the Rock of Ages storyline, in an alternate future where Darkseid has conquered the Earth. Darkseid had Goodness run the training facility for his elite soldiers, where she used brainwashing and torture, in a brutal parody of child care, to turn the innocent into fanatical warriors willing to kill or die for Darkseid’s glory.

Zack Snyder posted the latest teaser in a tweet and reminded us that there are only 2 days left. The new trailer has provided fans a glimpse of Darkseid and his Apokolips army lead by Desaad and Granny Goodness. We see that Darkseid surrounded by Desaad on the left and Granny Goodness on the right. This is the first look at the latter villain.

Director Zack Snyder has been slowly showing more to us in order to make us impatient just like he. It is so obvious that he wants to deliver his Justice League to us and has been working so hard for it.

To remember, the previous teaser featured Black-Suit Superman, images of Jared Leto’s tattoo-less Joker, and the director’s “Justice Is Gray” edition. And now, we finally get to see Granny Goodness, too.

Can’t stop thinking about what is ahead of us. But however, there are only 2 days to see that now.

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