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Natsuki Subaru - Re: Zero

Re: Zero is the anime promises us a very different world. We have prepared an easy guide for you to start the series. Here are all the details. Would you like to step into a different world through a mysterious portal while continuing your ordinary daily life? Reset your life and say hello to the mysterious, fantastic world! Your past life is now just memories. If these sentences excite your interest, Re: Zero might be just for you. Re: Zero is a light novel series written by Tappei Nagatsuki. The series was first published online in 2012 but has been published as 3 different manga since 2015. Then the Re: Zero anime started airing in 2016 by Crunchyroll and now has a lot of viewers around the world.

What is the synopsis of the Re: Zero?

Natsuki Subaru is a nerdy young man who spends his life indoors. One day Subaru goes to a nearby supermarket and returns home to a mysterious dark passage. That world Subaru sees only in video games and fantasy movies become real! Subaru is now in a fantasy world. Subaru doesn’t know how he got there, but on his first day in the new world, he meets a girl named Emilia, who saved him from trouble. Emilia is a very beautiful girl, and she had valuable property stolen. Subaru owes her his life and wants to help. After many problems and dangerous events, he realizes that each time Subaru dies; he comes back to life and starts his adventure again.

Re: Zero Watch Order

Re: Zero’s anime series has two seasons. The first season consists of 25 episodes and was aired in 2016. The second season was published in 2020. Also, there is a director’s cut has also been released in April 2020. The cut has 13 episodes each an hour long.

What To Watch: Original or Director’s Cut?

Those who want to watch the anime series are confused about this. Let us help you immediately. The original anime series has 25 episodes, all of which are 25 minutes long, while the director’s cut consists of 13 episodes, each one hour long, but there are episodes slightly longer than the original series. However, the general plot of both is the same, with some extra scenes and minor changes in the director’s plot. However, if you are starting Re: Zero for the first time, we recommend the director’s cut because it has a much higher quality animation and plot.

Re: Zero

Re: Zero Release Order

  • Re: Zero Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu (2016)
  • Re: Zero Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu: Shin Henshuu-Ban (2020) – Director’s Cut

All Re: Zero Medias


  • Re: Zero Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu –  Memory Snow (2018)
  • Re: Zero Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu – Hyouketsu no Kizuna (2019)


  • Re: Zero Kara Hajimeru Break Time (2016)


  • Re: Zero Petit kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu (2016)

Re: Zero Chronological Order

  • Re: Zero Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu – Hyouketsu no Kizuna (OVA)
  • Re: Zero Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu (Or the Director’s Cut) (Episodes 1-11; Episodes 1-5)
  • Re: Zero Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu – Memory Snow
  • Re: Zero Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu (Or the Director’s Cut) (Episodes 12-25; Episodes 6-13)

About Re Zero

Subaru Natsuki is a NEET who is suddenly summoned to a fantasy-like world where there are semi-humans. Just after arriving, he is killed while trying to help a young half-elf he befriends, Emilia, who is a candidate to become the next ruler of the Kingdom of Lugunica, only to revive some hours in the past. After dying some times, Subaru realizes that he has the power to turn back time after his death. After successfully helping Emilia, Subaru starts living in her house as a butler. Out of gratitude and affection for Emilia, Subaru makes use of his newfound ability to protect her and help on her ambition to be successfully appointed as the next queen, also providing assistance to other friends he makes along the way, while suffering due to the pain inflicted on him every time he dies, and carrying along the memories of everything that happened before his power activates, which is forgotten by everybody except for him.

Top Re Zero Reviews (via IMDB)

People who thought that this anime story is ruined after only seeing half of the episodes, are in hell of a surprise! this anime keeps getting better week after week. Its an emotional roller coaster. Anime fans shouldn’t miss this amazing ride. A helpless boy struggling to do things right and returning from death to correct his mistakes is everybody’s fantasy. Subaru the protagonist is the character you will fall in love with, although most of the times you might hate him, you might feel sorry for him or you might even get annoyed by him but at the end of the day you will admire him. This anime story is well written, it makes the viewer stay at the edge of their seat. With the end of each episodes every week, you just crave to know what might happen next episode. I hope they make more than 30 episodes for this series.

The storytelling in this anime is just divine. The characters, the visuals, the soundtrack, they are just perfect. Highly recommend this anime- although there isn’t as much fighting/action scenes compared to other animes, the main selling point is the story telling, and it has done well.

Check out this crazy theory from Reddit:

First let’s start with my theory, well kinda. I don’t quite have a theory as to how or why Subaru was brought into this world however I do believe it isn’t linked to Satella, I do believe however that on episode 1 (28:50) is when Subaru truly becomes aquanted with Satella. Why is this you may ask, well it’s because when Subaru enters the world it is very smooth and not eerie in the slightest (which is much Satella’s style whenever she is shown being dusky, gloomy and eerie). However at 29:00 on the first episode both Subaru and Emilia die for the first time thus seen and when this happened there is a huge emphasis on Emilia’s hand (spotlight shining down on it set away from her body), then Subaru vows “wait there, I’m going to save you” all while this is happening the screen is shaking rather violently (this could be argued that he his dying for his first time so this could be emphasis on pain and shock from Subaru’s point of view). I viewed this as Subaru not only making a promise to Emilia but to Satella something that Emilia doesn’t know she has to deal with.

What I mean by this is that Emilia is kind of a a successor the Satella being some sort of reincarnation so when he swears to save Satella she takes the opportunity and form a bond with him. This bond is then what made it so that Subaru could come back to life, this then allows Subaru infinite time to keep Emilia safe until she eventually will then become queen of the capital (maybe assuming that if someone else was allected Emilia would get upset and Subaru would off himself to then help her become queen). Once Emilia finally reaches such power Satella may show herself in some gruesome take over of the body or Satella’s bond with Subaru may end and with Emilia naturally being a reincarnate of Satella may slowly pick up her tendencies o becoming evil. Aside from the end goal of Satella I do believe strongly that Subaru is now tied to Satella (more evidence is no one noticing the smell of the witch on his first life). Another small note is that a lot of the witch cult recognise him as Pride, meaning he has extreme emphasis on his recognition of his own power. I do believe he has become Pride namely because of his cockiness towards the start of the anime which just again shows more of a bond to Satella.

Right now let’s talk about the future. Let’s start where we left of by mentioning how Subaru is Pride and he was cocky towards the start of the anime, towards the start cough cough. Why is this important well it is a well known fact that curses clearly can all be broken with love and friendship in any anime right? So that has to happen in this anime right? My point is that I think Subaru will overcome his bond with Satella as he is gradually learning is his not omnipotent and he definitely has his flaws (probably the greatest part of the anime by the way, him being weak but learning). I believe that this is slowly breaking the bond between him and Satella, but sadly I don’t see any evidence on my theory as if anything it looks like he is becoming closer to her with every time we see her we see an extra body going from one had to two hand now even a slight glimps of her face so I’m willing to drop my future theory and would love to hear one with more evidence.


Small notes -Emilia first says her name is Satella so that Subaru will leave her alone as she doesn’t like dragging others into a mess and likes doing charity work with no payment given back. -Satella clearly has either no issue with Emilia dying proved when puck goes beast mode and kills everyone (including the white whale I believe showing just how powerful he is) or what I’m hoping is that Satella has faith in Subaru to start over whenever she does die. -Raswal (sorry can’t remember spelling if that’s wrong) is theorised to be the one who hired Elsa the gut cutting phsyco, the one responsible for most of the first deaths, clearly he wanted Emilia’s insignia and Elsa clearly didn’t want Emilia to have it. What does this mean about Raswals support to Emilia though, is it all a lie?

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  1. I don´t recommend watching this in chronological order.
    Directors know what they doing and watching it in chronological order will affect your experience. Because there are hints in OVA and they show characters that will be introduced later and they reveal some minor staff as well.

    I recommend order by year
    1. Season 1
    2. OVA 1 and OVA 2
    3. Season 2
    4. Season 2 part 2

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