Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson: “We’re never going to f**king retire”

Bruce Dickinson from the Iron Maiden talks about the band are “We’re never going to fucking retire” at ‘What Does This Button Do?’ event with fans.

On February 8th, Bruce attended the “What Does This Button Do?” titled a one-man show. After that, the Iron Maiden frontman’s autobiography of the same name featured an unscripted Q&A session with band fans. This performance happens at Sala Radio in Bucharest, Romania. Also, in this event, a fan of the audience asked: “What the future holds for the legendary metal group once the current members retire?”. Then Bruce Dickinson’s answer that question:

“I like that. There’s always hope. ‘After the current members retire,’ there’ll be a whole load of IRON members. We won’t even have to fucking holograms. Do you know what I mean? You can actually have real IRON MAIDEN members that kind of look like us but are not us. That’s good. I like that. It’s not a bad idea. Then we can just sit back and royalties and do no work. Good idea! It’ll never happen because we’re never going to fucking retire.”

Also, in July 2019, band bassist Steve Harris also talks for SiriusXM’s “Trunk Nation” program that there has been no talk of MAIDEN retiring anytime soon, despite the fact that all the members are in their 60s. Then added:

“We all feel that if we feel we’re not cutting it anymore, then we’ll discuss it and that will probably be the end of it. But at the moment, we don’t feel like that. We feel that we definitely still are pulling our weight, so to speak. We’re just doing well. So far so good. I don’t wanna tempt fate, but we are doing good.”

Bruce Dickinson speaking tour “What Does This Button Do?” which you can this event on here. Check here Iron Maiden 2020 tour dates.

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