Jeffrey Wright Voices Bruce Wayne in Batman: The Audio Adventures

An upcoming scripted podcast series is on its way for Batman. The new podcast series Batman: The Audio Adventures is a comedy about the adventures of the superhero and developed by HBO Max. And according to the latest announcement, Jeffrey Wright will be voicing Bruce Wayne.

First of all, we want to underline that the new podcast is separate from the multi-year deal, which DC recently struck with Spotify for a series of podcasts. It will be produced by Warner Bros.’s Blue Ribbon Content and premiere on HBO Max later in the year.

Wright will voice the main character, Batman. A bulk of SNL will be joining beside him. These names include names like McNicholas, Seth Meyers, Melissa Villaseñor, Fred Armisen, Jason Sudeikis, and Kenan Thompson. We also know that John Leguizamo, Brooke Shields, and Brent Spiner are also among the names. We just don’t know which characters they will be playing.

Not much more known for the podcast series yet

There is not much more information about Batman: The Audio Adventures shared except the cast list yet. But we can assume the Dark Knight will go into a comedic territory by looking to the world’s greatest detective. He might be a different perspective for Batman‘s journey in the end.

So starring Jeffrey Wright will probably provide us a fluent thrill for Batman. He is more likely to be known for his dramatic roles such as his Emmy awarded character in Angels in America, not comedies. And he has been also starring in another popular HBO series which is a science-fiction series called Westworld, too. So this big genre change is going to be really interesting to listen to.

We already know how talented he is and also not a stranger to the voice-over industry. So It makes me wonder what he is going to do with funny Batman and how it will make us feel listening to him in an opposite way from what we used to hear. I am pretty sure it is going to be magnificent just like his other projects, but it comes a little strange the truth that this time we will be laughing instead. But with his performance, it won’t be hard to get used to, for sure.

And here is The Batman movie which Jeffrey Wright also starred with Robert Pattinson.

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