10 Things You Didn’t Know about Ken the Man

Ken the Man

What do you know about break-out hip-hop artist Ken the Man, the Houston native who is literally taking the world of independent artists by storm? If you’re not familiar with her yet, it won’t be long until her name is as much a household name as Lizzo and many of the other hip-hop artists that have come before them. She definitely has something to say and she puts a lot of herself in her music. If you want to know more about her, consider these 10 things that prove she is a multifaceted and talented individual who is more than capable of making it in virtually any arena she chooses.

1. She takes what she loves and makes it her own

She admits that she takes a great deal of influence from other artists such as Lil Wayne, making the qualities that she likes most her own. For her, it’s a way to pay homage to the artists that she has grown up listening to, the ones she respects the most. At the same time, it gives her the ability to put her own spin on a particular sound so that it effectively becomes a part of who she is. She’s doing what creative people have been doing for centuries, taking the things that appeal to her from those who have come before her and then making slight changes in order to leave her own mark. Of course, much of what she does is completely original, something that not every artist is capable of doing.

2. She’s fearless

That doesn’t mean that she doesn’t feel fear. There isn’t a person alive that doesn’t get scared from time to time. Unfortunately, it is a part of life and it’s something that everyone has to deal with. While she might get scared, she is still fearless. She doesn’t allow her fear to control her. In fact, she has a tendency to gravitate toward it as opposed to trying to run away from it. She says that when something scares her, she knows that she needs to confront it on some level so she gets down to the business of dealing with it as opposed to trying to act like it isn’t there. Perhaps that is something that the majority of us should take to heart.

3. She’s also raising her seven-year old son

While she’s busy creating music, she’s also a single mother. That means that she spends a great deal of her time taking care of her seven-year-old son and making sure that his needs are met. For her, it’s all in a day’s work. While it might be something that most people struggle to deal with, she seems to have it all under control, taking the daily challenges of motherhood in stride along with handling the challenges that naturally come with having a career in the music industry.

4. She doesn’t have a record label

Despite her success in the aforementioned music industry, the rapper doesn’t have a record label that she’s attached to. In fact, she has always released all of her own music independently and she continues to do so to this day. That can be a risky move, but it’s something that more and more artists are doing. As far as she’s concerned, she says that she has chosen to do things in this way because it gives her full control over the music that she releases as opposed to handing over all of her control to a music label so the studio can do what’s best for them at her expense. This way, she stays in charge. Apparently, it’s a system that works well for her.

5. When COVID struck, she put her head down and made music

Like most people, she had to find something to do with her time when the pandemic hit. Unable to travel or do much of anything outside of the house, she kept her head down and focused on her music. She says that it was difficult because she was just like everyone else, fearful about the health and well-being of the people she loves and what the future might hold. However, she chose to channel those fears into her music in order to create something brand new as opposed to simply pacing the floor and driving herself insane, day after day.

6. She doesn’t allow anyone to tell her what to do

She’s very big on making sure that no one else makes her decisions for her and that she has total control over everything she does. She’s quick to point out that other people will make your choices for you if you allow them to do so. That’s not something that appeals to her, so she makes it a point to ensure that she is in charge of what she does in her life. She says that she learned a long time ago that if you allow people to use you in order to get what they want out of life, they will do exactly that and then they will toss you aside when they’re finished. As a result, she is adamant about not allowing any such thing to happen to her ever again.

7. She genuinely doesn’t care what others think

She says that she genuinely doesn’t care what other people think about her. She says whatever she wants to say in her music and on social media. She has openly said that if people don’t like what she has to say, they don’t have to listen to her songs or follow her accounts. As far as the individuals that feel the need to comment about what she does, she says that she pays them no attention whatsoever. She says that there will always be naysayers but she’s going to do what she wants and she doesn’t care if it resonates with what other people think she should be doing or not.

8. She wishes she could meet someone who is genuine

At the same time, she also says that she wishes she could meet somebody who doesn’t play games. She says that she gets tired of the dating scene, especially when it comes to not being able to meet someone who is genuine.

9. She doesn’t like playing games

She has commented that she doesn’t like playing games, but she feels like that’s the only way to get ahead in some aspects of life. She also says that if other people are going to insist on playing games, she will play along if that’s the only way that she can function in that particular environment. However, she also says that she’s learned to play games better than just about anyone else, so she plays to win.

10. She connects with her fans on a personal level

She likes the idea of being able to connect with her fans. As such, she routinely does so on social media. She likes showing them what she’s doing not only in her professional life, but also on a day-to-day basis. For her, it’s another way to make those connections and stay relevant in her chosen profession.

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