Listen to Metallica play Enter Sandman song but backwards

Listen to Metallica play Enter Sandman song but backwards

Here is a video of legendary band Metallica playing one of their classic songs, Enter Sandman, reversed. It still sounds good and right!

Metallica is one of the greatest bands ever. Virtually everyone finds something that they can like from Metallica. Some of their songs are so popular that even people who hate metal or rock might like those. They include classics like Nothing Else Matters and Enter Sandman. Apparently, Metallica is so familiar with ‘Enter Sandman‘ song that they can play the song backwards accurately. Here is a video of them playing it while having a lot of fun.

Metallica plays Enter Sandman backwards

It is reported that this rare video was filmed back in 2013 during a rehearsal. The frontman James Hetfield was even trying to sing a line backwards. And here it is, they’re trying to play the whole thing backwards. They apparently have a lot of fun while doing it, too.

First, the band tries to play Enter Sandman backwards. After that, the video is reversed and we see how well they did. Metallica did a very good job of playing their classic song backwards as we can hear from the second half of the video. You can check out the rare video that surfaced above.

Interestingly, there is a musician that actually tried to cover Enter Sandman from Metallica backwards before. Guitarist Rob Scallon earlier played the whole song in reverse. In addition to that, the vocals are also reversed in that cover. It is really entertaining, especially the vocals. Many people argue that vocals in this cover sound like a drunk German with a broken English, and it’s surprisingly accurate.

You can check out James Hetfield’s recent interview in which he mentioned his passion for music. Hetfield also talked about how he started to play music and how nervous he was in front of the kids in the same interview.

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