Metallica frontman James Hetfield interview for his classic cars

Metallica frontman James Hetfield collaborative with the Petersen Automotive Museum for his Reclaimed Rust collection. He also interviews for his classic cars.

In 2019, Hetfield donated his car collection to the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles. Also, James first appearance after the rehab in September 2019 at this museum. He always interested in cars and shows his collection to one of the coolest custom car collections around. His ten cars, including his 1948 Jaguar ‘Black Pearl’ and his 1937 Lincoln Zephyr ‘Voodoo Priest’ were displayed in the Bruce Meyer Family Gallery along with a selection of Metallica items and memorabilia.

Here’s the five-minute video in which James Hetfield also interview with Petersen Automotive Museum:

“Reclaimed Rust to me means that old guitar, sitting there with songs still in it, waiting for someone to pick it up and breathe life into it again. And I’ve done that with many of these cars. I’ve seen cars sitting in a field in Kansas and thinking, ‘They’ve got a story to tell – let’s bring this thing back to life.”

Also, Petersen Automotive Museum replied:

“James has always been a car guy and shares his car journey to one of the coolest custom car collections around. Hetfield has described seeing cars in the same way he sees music – as forms of freedom and expression. That conveys the passions of their creator.

“Best known as a co-founder, songwriter, singer, and guitarist for Metallica. James has also gained recognition in the automotive world for his unique collection of entirely bespoke vehicles. While the vast majority of collectors acquire vehicles by purchasing pre-existing examples. Hetfield elected instead to build his from scratch, channeling creativity. He often reserved for his music into the production of rolling sculptures.”

You can watch James Hetfield‘s video interview below.

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