Ranking All the Songs from the Shrek 2 Soundtrack


Shrek 2 was the sequel in what became one of the biggest franchises. The movie hit theaters in 2004 and had equal as its predecessor. The film is terrific because it twists the typical fairytale many think of when considering a prince and a princess. One of the things that moves the movie along effortlessly is the music. Throughout the film, there are a variety of songs from many different genres and decades. Each song highlights some of the most memorable scenes in the movie. Like many other movie soundtracks, there aren’t better or worse songs, but there are ones that stand out more than others. This is my ranking of all the songs from the movie.

14. As Lovers Go – Dashboard Confessional


This song wraps up the movie and is unfortunately buried in the credits, where some people may miss the music. Many of the lyrics, including “I’ll be true, I’ll be useful, I’ll be cavalier, I’ll be yours my dear, I’ll belong to you if you just let me through,” really bring home the overall them of the movie. Throughout the film, Shrek is constantly trying to show Fiona how much she means to him and that no matter what happens, he will always be by her side if she lets him.

13. Funkytown – Lipps Inc.


Donkey is impatient since the trip to Far Far Away is exceptionally long. However, when he arrives there, he feels right at home. According to Shrek Fandom, this song plays as they arrive, and Donkey shouts out to all the women in Far Far Away. This is an excellent addition to the scene because the city of Far Far Away mirrors Hollywood. The festive air of the song adds fun to what seems like a frustrating scene for all parties involved.

12. You’re So True – Joseph Arthur


You hear some incredible songs throughout the movie, and they don’t stop when the credits roll. After the reprise of the Fairy Godmother Song, this tune ends the film. One of the lyrics, “And don’t you worry ’bout me babe cuz I’m right here,” sums up Shrek’s love for Fiona.

11. Ever Fallen In Love – Pete Yorn


Even though Shrek isn’t the typical fairytale prince, one of the things that are so enduring about him is that she is willing to go to any lengths to capture Fiona’s heart. This song is playing after he breaks into the Fairy Godmother’s castle to find a potion to turn him into what he thinks is Fiona’s, ideal man.

10. I Need Some Sleep – Eels


One of the most challenging things about this movie is Shrek’s early feelings he’s not good enough for Fiona. While she sleeps after the disastrous dinner, he opens her music box and finds her journal while this song plays. As he flips through the pages, he sees page after page of Fiona pining for Prince Charmington, leading him to believe he isn’t good enough for her.

9. Accidentally In Love – Counting Crows


The movie opens with this song. It’s Shrek and Fiona’s honeymoon after leaving Lord Farquaad at the altar and deciding to stay an ogre. You see the pair participating in many typical honeymoon activities with an ogre twist throughout the sequence.

8. Holding Out For A Hero – Jennifer Saunders


All the musical numbers in the movie sung by the British actor and comedian were her voice. Before she tackled the songs, she worked with a voice coach. This number is right after Shrek is rejected by Fiona’s parents because they are appalled she wound up with an ogre.

7. Changes – Butterfly Boucher Featuring David Bowie


This song plays after Shrek finds the potion that turns him into a prince instead of an ogre. The song is a bit of an obvious choice for this scene. However, the sentimental tone works well.

6. I’m On My Way – Richard Price


One of the interesting things about this song is that it is not featured in the movie but is included in the soundtrack. Despite never making it to the final cut, the lyrics speak to the movie’s overall theme.

5. Fairy Godmother Song – Jennifer Saunders


Meeting the parents is not easy, especially if you’re an ogre. After Shrek’s disastrous meeting with Fiona’s parents, he takes off, and she goes to her room to have a good cry. While there, her Fairy Godmother appears. Saunders doesn’t play a typical one with Fiona’s best interests in mind. Instead, she tries everything to persuade Fiona to choose her son instead of with the lyrics of this song.

4. People Ain’t No Good – Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds


This melancholy song is well-placed in the movie since it’s heard when Shrek goes into a bar to console himself when he has the mistaken impression that it’s Prince Charmington that Fiona wants and not him. The song’s original version is on Cave’s album, The Boatman’s Call.

3. Livin’ La Vida Loca – Eddie Murphy & Antonio Banderas


This is one of the funniest sequences in the movie. Near the end of the film, the happily ever after happens; Donkey and Puss in Boots start a wild dance party with this song. It makes it so hilarious that many of the scenes are a play-off from the original music video sung by Ricky Martin.

2. Holding Out For A Hero – Frou Frou


The main version of this song is sung by Jennifer Saunders, who played the Fairy Godmother. However, during the credits, there is a reprieve of the music. Initially, it was sung by Bonnie Tyler for the 1984 movie Footloose.

1. Little Drops of Poison – Tom Waits


This song was initially released in 1997 and featured on The End of Violence soundtrack. Waits wrote it with his wife, Kathleen Brennan. In Shrek 2, the song plays when the King decides the only way to get rid of Shrek is to hire an assassin as he walks into a bar populated by notorious villains like Captain Hook, the song echoes throughout the bar.

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