PUBG Games World Expects Two New Games in 2022

We have got good news for who is the PUBG fans. The famous battle royal game PUBG’s publisher Krafton has revealed that they are working on two games more for the PUBG games world.

Surely, the two new games will be as impressive as the others. The CEO of Krafton Changhan Kim recently explained to Bloomberg that the company is planning to release a new PUBG-based battle game soon this year.

This will follow with the second PUBG-related PC and console game by 2022. The details are not enough to satisfy our wonder but at least we have some.

The two new games that we’ve mentioned just before will be in addition to The Callisto Protocol which is announced previously as a survival horror game. PUBG Games world has enough news to make it even more enjoyable.

The Callisto Protocol is also planning to release in 2022 and it is expecting to be the most terrifying game of all time.

Krafton is looking forward to expanding its range in the industry of entertainment with its new oversee projects. They have three other gaming studios besides PUBG Corp. But certainly, the PUBG Games franchise is their biggest achievement so far.

The CEO of Krafton has revealed that the publisher also is working on a new animated show that will be on streaming services. They surely have other plans for being more involved in the entertainment sector.

There is talk on the company also plans to involve into film and dramas world. We will be looking forward to seeing any news about it in the future.

Also, PUBG Mobile with its huge users has recently achieved the title of the highest-grossing mobile game all over the world for 2020. It generates over $1.1 billion in revenue with the title the fourth most downloaded game of 2020. It has over 175 million downloads globally as it is known.

In addition, the publisher Tencent Holdings has announced that it had banned over 2 million accounts on PUBG Mobile in December. They mentioned the reasons for banning: hacks and cheat.

Some of the bans included in hacks: Hack for speed and Hack for modifying the area of the damage.

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