Tony Iommi Net Worth, Biography, Life, and Mansions

Black Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi has a huge net worth after going through a bitter childhood. Let’s check out how Tony Iommi earned this fortune.

Tony Iommi is a guitarist and songwriter. People best know him as the guitarist of the legendary metal band Black Sabbath. Iommi is an indispensable part of the band which revolutionized the genre of heavy metal. The guitarist is also seen as a revolutionary artist because of his guitar-playing techniques. Born out of necessity, those techniques are still used by many guitar players all around the world.

Although he is very rich and accomplished now, Tony Iommi’s childhood was not that easy for him. He had to go through hardships before being able to accomplish his dream of being a musician. Luckily, he met another great artist on the way that helped him. Let’s check out how Tony Iommi earned his net worth after going through hardships.

How did Tony Iommi suffer in his childhood?

Anthony Frank Iommi was born in Birmingham on February 19th, 1948. His family raised him in a Catholic household. Tony Iommi met Ozzy Osbourne, with whom he later founded the band Black Sabbath, in the school. Iommi was a year older than Ozzy Osbourne.

Young people in his neighborhood bullied the young Tony Iommi back in the day. To protect himself, Iommi started to learn martial arts when he was 10 years old.

He initially wanted to play the drums instead of playing the guitar. We don’t know how he would turn out to be if he actually preferred to do it. However, Tony Iommi chose to play the guitar as it made less sound for his parents. Fortunately, his option seems to have created a great guitarist.

The most striking part of his life may be the injury he had to go through while he was working in a metal factory in his teens. After Iommi announced that he was going to leave the factory following his success in music, they told him to work on a machine that he had no experience with. As a result of that, Tony Iommi cut some parts from his fingers in his last few weeks of working.

He was told that he’d never be able to play the guitar again. Tony Iommi did not give up just like that, though. After losing some part from his fingers, he created himself artificial fingertips from melted plastic. However, it was not that easy to play the guitar without feeling the pressure on his fingers. He tended to press so hard on the strings and that posed problems. As a result of that, he detuned his guitar which resulted in a heavy sound. That was the heavy sound that gave him his authenticity.

How did Tony Iommi, Ozzy Osbourne, Bill Ward, and Geezer Butler found Black Sabbath?

Tony Iommi was playing in various bands to earn his living before Black Sabbath. However, after the foundation of the legendary metal band with its initial squad, they all reached immense popularity and fortune.

Tony Iommi, Ozzy Osbourne, Bill Ward, and Geezer Butler got together to form the band in 1968. It was named ‘Earth’ then. Iommi had to leave the band for some time, though.

They reunited in 1969 with the name of ‘Black Sabbath’. Tony Iommi was unquestionably one of the most important parts of the band. He also gave Black Sabbath the unique sound they are known for.

They fired Ozzy Osbourne from the band and got Ronnie James Dio as his replacement in 1979.

Tony Iommi Net Worth: 140 Million Dollars

Tony Iommi is now 73 years old. He is worth a jaw-dropping 140 million dollars as a result of the hard work he put in all his life.

As for his mansions, it was reported in 2014 that Tony Iommi was selling his house in England for roughly 4.3 million dollars. That house in Lapworth contained six bedrooms, a billiards room, a home cinema, a music studio, and more.

tony iommi house

He cited his cancer as the reason why he decided to sell the mansion. “Maybe we should get a smaller house,” he said to Birmingham Mail. “Maybe it’s time to scale down anyway and try to live more of a peaceful life.”

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