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Aaron Paul’s net worth will surprise you. Would you like to learn about the successful player who became a star as Jesse Pinkman and learn his net worth?

Aaron Paul, actual name Aaron Paul Sturtevant was born in 1979. During his youth, he lived with his family in Idaho, then moved to Los Angeles with his mother. Paul’s dream was to become a TV character, to make this dream come true, he participated in the competition of the International Modeling and Talent Association and won second place. After this competition, Aaron Paul started climbing the career ladder.

The projects that brought Aaron Paul to the masses were his appearance in KORN‘s Aaron Paul in KORN "Toughtless" video clip.“Thoughtless” and EVERLAST‘s “White Trash Beautiful” clips. Performing in these clips made him popular and starred in other projects. After the clips, Aaron appeared in TV commercial projects, such as Vanilla Coke, Corn Pops, and Juicy Fruit. Aaron Paul‘s net worth and reputation started to increase with these projects. The directors noticed the talent of the successful star and offered him TV shows and movie roles.

Aaron Paul worked in many TV shows and movies until 2008, such as Mission Impossible III. However, in 2008, Aaron’s life had changed completely. Breaking Bad, which aired on AMC, became a milestone for him. He starred as Jesse Pinkman in the 2008-2013 series and became the lead actor with Bryan Cranston in one of the most loved TV shows around the world. According to some, it is the best TV show in the world.

After Breaking Bad, Aaron Paul, who starred in BoJack Horseman, WWE shows, and many other shows, increased his net worth considerably.

How Aaron Paul Suffered On This Way?

  • Aaron Paul, as a premature baby, was born 1 month early in his family bathroom.
  • When he moved to Los Angeles for his dreams, he only had $6,000.
  • After his role as Jesse Pinkman in Breaking Bad, his movies Need For Speed and Exodus: Gods and Kings were not commercially successful and received negative reviews from critics.
  • The role of Jesse Pinkman stuck to him. Many directors were asked to play the drug addict role. Aaron Paul says this period is very difficult and frustrating.

How Aaron Paul Won?

Sometimes it is necessary to take risks to make your dreams come true. It was an enormous risk that Aaron Paul started his Los Angeles adventure with 6 thousand dollars. If he didn’t get a rank in the competition he attended, maybe we would meet with a completely different Aaron Paul right now. However, perseverance, discipline, and diligence seem to have brought him success.

Most actors’ careers start with music videos and commercials, we agree, but those music are often unhelpful. But it is a significant chance that Aaron started his career by starring in clips of KORN and EVERLAST.

Aaron, who had caught his popularity with TV series and movies, saw the peak of his career in the TV series Breaking Bad as Jesse Pinkman role. The actor who earned $ 200,000 per episode of Breaking Bad increased his net worth completely in 2008-2013. Most recently, Breaking Bad’s “El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie” appeared on Netflix in 2019, starring Aaron Paul.

Also, charity is the most important way for an artist to increase his job offers and reputation. Paul helped raise $1.8 million for Parsekian’s non-profit anti-bullying organization, the Kind Campaign. Besides these, the successful artist has many awards.

  • 3 Emmy Awards
  • 3 Saturn Awards
  • 2 Satellite Awards

Aaron Paul’s Net Worth: $20 Million

Aaron Paul has achieved many successes as an actor. Aaron Paul’s net worth is $20 Million. He has several cars and mansions, but he currently drives a 1965 Shelby Cobra and lives in that house in Idaho. You can see them below.

Aaron Paul drives a 1965 Shelby Cobra which is worth $800 thousand. (2020)

Aaron Paul's Car - 1965 Shelby Cobra
Aaron Paul’s Car – 1965 Shelby Cobra

The house where Aaron Paul lives is worth $2.2 million. (2019)

Aaron Paul's House in Idaho
one of Aaron Paul’s house

You can watch Korn’s “Thoughtless” video below, one of Aaron Paul‘s first projects.

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