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Polyphia releases ranked list progressive metal

Polyphia are possibly the most interesting band within the progressive metal genre. The band have started off as interesting metalcore right off the bat. However, with each release the band become more of their own signature blend of metal. Polyphia’s inspiration comes from plenty of music from pop to rap to metal and everything in between. Polyphia don’t consider themselves to be metal in particular though, as they just create music, which is clearly art. Below, we’re going to rank all albums and EPs from the band in our all Polyphia releases ranked list.

5. Inspire

Inspire is Polyphia’s first official release of original music as a band, outside of their Resurrect EP. The 5 track EP features all incredible instrumental progressive tracks from Polyphia. One of the tracks from the album, as Polyphia tends to do, features a guest musician. Persevere features Aaron Marshall of Intervals, of whom he’s the only remaining member. The entire EP is a perfect prelude to what Polyphia would soon release as their debut full length, Muse. Inspire draws attention from more metal bands than any other release from the band. However, the band has stated that they try not to draw influence from other metal bands. By doing this, Polyphia try not to have similarities in their music with others.


4. Renaissance

Although not their debut, Renaissance still showed a clear sign of Polyphia’s evolution while maintaining their debut’s sound. Fans of the band may have been disappointed to hear that the band was changing directions but when this was released, it was a welcomed change as it came off as more of an evolution of their sound. Renaissance carried a different weight to it as it showed the band become a new genre of their own yet held their pop influences from previous releases. This album also showed a more artistic side to the band, although they have always had artistic mindsets towards their music. Renaissance earned its placement as 4th on our Polyphia releases ranked list due to it being generic, in comparison to the their future releases.


3. Muse

Polyphia has always been not only an instrumental progressive powerhouse but also heavily melodic. Their progressive and melodic tones have always been present but with the release of Muse, the band truly solidified those elements as their own. Muse has some incredible and interesting features on the album. Members of Chon and independent musicians such as Jason Richardson, Nick Sampson and another appearances for the band by Aaron Marshall. Overall, at this point in Polyphia’s career, the band had still had those shred heavy elements in their songs with a little bit more of an artistic style added to it. This specific artistic growth within the band as a whole helped create their modern, unique sound.


2. The Most Hated

The Most Hated is a newer EP from Polyphia, being released in 2017. This EP showed the band in their purest form and showcased their newest expression of experimental melodic progressive metal. This EP was only 6 songs but after listening to Lit, a remix styled single Polyphia released before the EP. After this surprise change in style from the band with the single release, fans were beyond pleased with the continued experimental remix sound brought on by this EP. Overall, The Most Hated earned its placement on our all Polyphia releases ranked list as it was their most experimental but also most defining album as well.


1. New Levels New Devils

Following the intense popularity that was Lit and The Most Hated EP, New Levels New Devils shows Polyphia becoming yet another level of their unique genre blending abilities. New Levels New Devils is somehow a combination of pure experimentation and melodic but all parts Polyphia. The band have truly created their own brand of progressive metal here more than any other release.

On top of all of the melodic tones and high production to these songs, New Levels New Devils had production credits featuring some of the biggest EDM producers around. New Levels New Devils should also be noted for its inclusion of vocals which is beyond a rarity for Polyphia. The overall progress and just beautiful combination of everything from the band in recent years led to this release and it was well worth it. Every aspect of this album has earned its placement on our all Polyphia releases ranked list at the number one spot.


Overall, Polyphia have not only created a sound that’s all their own several times over but have also shown that how constant their growth is with such an ongoing evolution in sound. Any interest a fellow guitarist may have in performing any of Polypia’s songs can find their official tabs here.

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