10 Awesome Motivational Songs for Work


Having music on in your house all day long could be boisterous and irritating. While this is the case, there are times when all you need for motivation to get stuff done is excellent tunes. According to Verywellmind, music has many benefits, including motivating someone to work.  During instances when you have so much work to do but you feel a bit reluctant, music will be there to encourage you. You will be surprised by how fast you get things done with the best motivational songs for work, from laundry to your office job. The sole purpose of such music is to give workers the encouragement they need to achieve their goals. To unleash the beast in you when it comes to work, here are ten awesome motivational songs for work that you can listen to.

10. Britney Spears- Work Work

This is among the best motivational songs for work that talk about success and hard work. In the hit, Britney elaborates on the relationship between results and rewards. She insists on working towards your goals if you want the best things in life. If you have your headphones at your workplace, feel free to listen to this motivational hit.

9. Imagine Dragons- Whatever It Takes

The title of the song tells it all. This song generally speaks about giving it your all to achieve your goals. It advocates for determination and the fact that greatness requires internal toughness. The song tells the listeners to brace themselves for hard times as anyone yearning for greatness must face hardships. With a sense of optimism, this great song assures the listeners that the result of their hard work will finally be worth the struggle.

8. Andy Grammer- Keep Your Head Up

If you are having a bad day at work, this song will cheer you up and motivate you to keep moving. It is a good tune talking about riding out any bad luck. The music also teaches the listeners not to worry when encountering hardships and the need to face challenges with a positive attitude and hope. Listening to this beat, you will learn that faith, grit, and humor are great tools to overcome any obstacle.

7. Drake-Started at the Bottom

If you love rap songs, this one is a popular hit that will motivate you to work. From this tune, listeners gain optimism that their humble beginnings can quickly turn into very inspiring endings. This is the best music for teams to celebrate growth by taking stock of their progress. You might find the lyrics to be repetitive, but there is a line that is worth repeating. The line says, ‘look how far we have come.’ The takeaway from the tune is that regardless of how small you start, you can always be the next big thing.

6. Lunch Money Lewis- Bills

If you are in a job that you do not fully enjoy for one reason or another, this hit will be a great source of motivation. It is also suitable for people who love their job since that job can get tricky at times. Your outside responsibilities sometimes turn out to be the primary motivators during those days when passion is near zero. To put it as it is, most of us work since we have bills to pay. We are also reminded that there are other folks out there who are struggling to put food on the table. With that simple fact, you are going to be motivated.

5. Jay Z featuring Pharrell- So Ambitious

This song is on the list of motivational rap songs that you need to get stuff done. It is a musical biography explaining Jay-z’s road to becoming one of the household names in the modern music industry. It describes how the singer rubbished off his naysayers and kept pushing the limits in a bid to achieve his goals. According to Time, Pharrell says that the song is about how one can get the fire started and become successful. The lyrics encourage listeners always to have faith in themselves and use criticism and doubt from others to fuel them to become great.

4. Survivor- Eye of the Tiger

This is another fantastic tune for everyone who is looking for work motivation. From the lyrics, the music is all about facing challenges head-on and overcoming obstacles. It gives the listeners the optimism that they will eventually triumph. Listening to this great tune, you will be motivated to persevere whatever it is you are going through without losing passion or hope. Better still, the beat brings a great sense of confidence. Once the hit starts [laying, guys begin psyching themselves up.

3. Aerosmith- Dream On

For lovers of rock songs, this will be a great motivational piece for work. This tune clearly states that life is short but challenging. It advocates for listeners to keep the dream till everything becomes fruitful. If you feel less motivated to get back to work, this hit will surely leave you optimistic. Other than being lyrically relevant, the guitars and the vocals prove even more breathtaking.

2. Bobby McFerrin- Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Sometimes, the sole motivation you need to keep pushing is not to stress yourself too much and not take things too seriously. This is depicted in this tune as it grants the listener permission to do away with their anxiety and enjoy the current moment. The song reiterates that there might be troubles here and there, but it is still possible to control emotions and react to these struggles. You will indeed be motivated by this lyrical tune.

1. Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell- Ain’t no Mountain High Enough.

We believe that the song’s title is enough motivation. If you are looking for an instant boost of confidence, this anthem will surely come in handy. The song narrates about two lovebirds who are inseparable due to their strong bond. All the same, this great tune serves as a source of motivation to encourage the importance of teamwork. It also assures the listeners that there is no impossible task. This is a great way to uplift employees instantly.


Keeping the needed momentum for the entire working week could sometimes be tricky. You need some motivation to keep pushing. According to cloud cover, there is no better way to enhance employee performance than listening to motivational songs for work. These lyrics assure you that hard work always bears fruit at the end of the day. Whenever you feel less passionate and reluctant to work, the tunes in the above list will motivate you to get stuff done.

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