The 10 Best 21 Savage Songs of All-Time

21 Savage

He rarely has much to say and that could probably be explained by the tattoo on his forehead reading, “Death Before Dishonour” or the dagger tattoo between his eyebrows which is a tribute to his young brother who was killed in a drug deal gone wrong. Sheyaa Bin Abraham Joseph, better known as 21 Savage has been one of the most influential rappers of the last decade. His collaboration with the producer Metro Boomin to release the album, EP Savage Mode, gave him mainstream attention and the album’s singles “X” and “No Heart” were a success, emerging top 40 on the US Billboard Hot 100. 21 Savage has continuously produced other great albums. The Issa Album released in July 2017 was his highest-charting album, generating widespread attention, and peaking at number two on the US Billboard 200. Also, 21 Savage’s second album, I Am> I Was, was a massive hit, and its single “a lot” won him a Grammy Award 2020 as the best rap song. For the last couple of years, 21 Savage has continued to look the part and he has lived it. Here are the top ten 21 Savage songs of all time.

10. Ball w/o you


Our tenth best 21 Savage song is the song “Ball w/o you,” a track from his album; I Am>I Was. Typical 21 Savage raps about life’s struggles and challenging aspects during his upbringing, but he is vulnerable in this song. 21 Savage gets emotional about the past relationships he has lost and feels disillusioned with love. He says he would rather have loyalty than love because commitment comes with much higher respect.

9. Immortal


The “Immortal” song has haunting tunes, and it’s a perfect scary song for Halloween. The snippet of the song was first previewed in the trailer of the video game Mortal Kombat 11. In the song, 21 Savage mentions the names of characters in the Mortal Kombat video game and continues to talk about his murderous behavior.

8. Ocean Drive


21 Savage uses the song “Ocean Drive” to contrast the life he is living now and his life in his hometown. He brags about affording an ocean drive and his current lifestyle. Though 21 Savage can do that, he assures his audience that he hasn’t changed, is still the tough guy from the streets, and has his Glock with him. The song was released in July 2016 from the 21 Savage collaborative album Savage Mode with Metro Boomin.

7. X Ft Future


The song features the American rapper Future. 21 Savage released the song in July 2016 as the lead single from their debut album, EP Savage Mode, with producer Metro Boomin. In the song, 21 Savage and rapper Future talk about their experiences in relationships and past endeavors. The song was a success and ranked one of the best 20 rap and R&B songs of 2016 and was certified double platinum by the RIAA.

6. Runnin


“Runnin” was released in October 2020 by 21 Savage alongside producer Metro Boomin as the lead single from their collaborative album, Savage Mode II. 21 Savage sings how he scares his enemies when he’s around his hood. In the video, he goes to the streets of his hometown to celebrate his Grammy Award for the song “a lot.” This single became the highest-charting song and emerged number nine on US Billboard Hot 100.

5. Can’t Leave Without It


This song was released in December 2018 from 21 Savage’s debut album, I Am>I Was. The track features fellow rappers Lil’ Baby and Gunna. The rappers boast about their wealth despite their humble beginnings in the song. They further talk about guns which they “Can’t Leave Without It” because they have to protect themselves and their wealth. This song was a success, and it emerged number 58 on the US Billboard Hot 100.

4. Nothing New


21 Savage uses “Nothing New” to show the black community’s frustrations and issues, capturing police brutality. The music video shows footage from Black People Matters protects and 21 Savage is rapping about the racism black people go through, wearing all black and holding an umbrella. 21 Savage released this song in July 2017 from his debut album, Issa Back. This single shows how desensitized our communities have become.

3. No Heart


“No Heart” was recorded by 21 Savage and producer Metro Boomin and released in October 2016 as the second track from their collaborative debut, EP Savage Mode. Lyrically, 21 Savage talks about how he grew up on the streets and the difficulties that hardened him. The song was a success and got Platinum certification by the Recording Industry Association of America.

2. A lot ft J. Cole


The song “a lot” was the best-selling single and was ranked as the 6th best song of 2019. It features the rapper J. Cole who adds an extra element to the song. In the song, 21 Savage reflects on the struggles he faced during his upbringing and the pain and loss he endured. This single was released in January 2019 as the lead single of 21 Savage album, I Am> I Was. It was an instant hit that won a Grammy Award for the best rap song in the 2020 ceremony.

1. Bank Account


This song is 21 Savage’s greatest hit that gave him mainstream attention. Bank Account was released in August 2017 as the lead single of 21 Savage’s debut, Issa Album. He produced the song along with the producer Metro Boomin. The song was a crowd favorite and reached number 12 on the US Billboard Hot 100. In the song, 21 Savage says his vision is to serve the underrepresented youths and teach them how to spend their money wisely to avoid credit card companies. This single features a sample of the American drama film, The Education of Sonny Carson.

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