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Soundtracks make films and other educational or entertainment recordings more enjoyable. They kind of hook the audience to the specific TV program, film, drama, book, video game, or radio program. There are various commercially released soundtrack albums, some of which will entice you while others, well, may sound misplaced. Released in 1998 March is The Big Lebowski soundtrack with a large collection of songs from different artists, including Bob Dylan, Sons of the Pioneer, The Monks, Esquivel, among others. You’ve probably come across some good songs from The Big Lebowski Soundtrack. Their blend of a plethora of genres helps bring out the true idiosyncrasy of the characters featured in their hilarious twisted crime comedy film. This article aims to rank all The Big Lebowski Soundtrack songs from worst to the best. However, the ranking would make more sense to those who’ve seen The Big Lebowski film.

30. Traffic Boom by Piero Piccioni


Weird moments should be paired with a perfect piece of music. The Cohen brothers did justice to the film by playing this song when the scene turned porno. It’s a great ballad for the 90s adult films- if you know what this means.

29. Branded Theme Song by Alan Alch and Dominic Frontiere


This song is featured in various scenes across the movie. It references ‘The Big Lebowski.’ ‘The Dude’ and Walter are the voices behind the ballad.

28. The Man in Me by Johnny Cash with Bob Dylan


The song plays as the film title appears in sequence during the hallucination string after ‘The Dude’ is bagged and robbed of his rug. This song was previously performed by the film starring Jeff Bridges along with the film’s fans, a move perceived as a commemoration for the great movie.

27. Behave Yourself by Booker T. & The Mgs


Unhappy about someone’s behavior? You don’t have to tell them to behave themselves directly; this song will do the talking. Spill it out; no need to keep up with their drama or unpleasant habits.

26. Viva Las Vegas by Richard Johnson


You can tell that this song is Bunny’s favorite. It plays in her car, and she joins in singing.

25. Tumbling Tumbleweeds by Sons of the Pioneers


The song is what welcomes us to the film. It’s one of the Son of the Pioneer’s great hits, initially written by Bob Nolan under the title ‘Tumbling Tumble Leaves then later renamed ‘Tumbling Tumbleweeds. It was also played in the Gene Autry film (1935)

24. We Venerate Thy Cross by The Rustavi Choir


This spiritual song plays when ‘The Dude’ meets Knox Harrington when visiting Maude’s. It was believed that Knox Harrington and Maude were in a romantic relationship.

23. Piacere Sequence by Teo Usuelli


The Dude can’t take more; he passes out. However, Jacky Treehorn is strong for a second Caucasian.

22. Viva Las Vegas by Shawn Colvin


It plays at the sequential end of the film titles.

21. Ataypura by Yma Sumac


I’m not fond of this song much. However, it appears a perfect fit for the scene it plays in the film, where a topless female is flung at Jackie Treehorn’s house.

20. Walking Song by Meredith Monk


If you’ve watched the film, you must have noticed this song playing as ‘The Dude’ is walking into Maude’s studio. At this time, Maude is busy designing a suspending painting held in position by ropes.

19. Standing On the Corner by Dean Martin


‘Thoughts can’t get you imprisoned’ it’s what this song is all about. The singer talks of his imaginary girl and considers going to the streets to get her. He’s done standing at the corner staring at every girl. It’s a song that will drive you to work towards actualizing your fantasies.

18. I Hate You by The Monks


This song is ideal for communicating your hate to someone who seems to get into your space. It’s what the two characters in the film, ‘The Dude’ and ‘Walter,’ seem to feel towards each other as portrayed in the movie.

17. My Mood Swings by Elvis Costello


Do what you got to do before the mood swings. The song is about reading the signs and being spontaneous. In the film, ‘The Dude’ listens to this ballad during his examination by Maude’s Physician.

16. Wie Glauben by Carter Burwell


This song plays at the scene where nillhists go to collect cash from Dude at the bowling lounge.

15. Pictures at an Exhibition by Modest Mussorgsky


What an amazing song, with ten movements. A great hit for those moments when you feel like dancing to a good tune. It plays as Dude’s landlord does his interpretive dance routine.

14. Stamping Ground by Moondog with Orchestra


The song plays in the background at the scene where The Dude and Walter are driving as they figure out the entire scheme.

13. I Got It Bad and That Ain’t Good by Nina Simone


The song plays at the scene where Dude finally gets a chance to lie on the bed with Maude.

12. Her Eyes Are a Blue Million Miles By Captain Beefheart


The saying, a look from someone in love is worth a thousand words. The lyrics, ‘Far as I can see, she loves me.’ The singer has no idea what she sees but can tell that she loves him.

11. Mucha Muchacha by Esquivel


The ballad is played at the moment when ‘The Dude’ spotted ‘The Bunny,’ the Big Lebowski’s wife painting her toes. It’s a song that acknowledges Bunny’s striking beauty and personality.

9. Requiem in D Minor by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart


Some situations can leave you helpless and with no one else to turn to but God. This song reminds us to recognize God’s power and His mercy. In the film, the ballad plays at the time ‘The Dude’ is informed about Bunn’s kidnapping.

8. Lujon by Henry Mancini


Another great sod track in the Big Lebowski movie is this great hit played at Jacky Treehorn’s house at the scene where ‘Dude’ is talking to her, and she goes ahead to receive a call.

7. Tammy by Debbie Reynolds


Ever wondered if the person you love can understand your feelings? It’s a great song for those in love.

6. Dead Flowers by Townes van Zandt


The song compares Donies death to a dead flower. It plays as they scatter his ashes.

5. Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Was In) by Kenny Rogers and The First Edition


A perfect song that will keep you awake at dawn after a long night. The song seems to tie the film together. Plays at the scene where Dude seems to have an odd dream about Maude ad bowling after being drugged by Jacky Treehorn

4. Hotel California by The Gipsy Kings


This song was inspired by the high lifestyle in Los Angeles and has been voted the best recording by the Gipsy Kings. However, it exemplifies different themes of disputes, like good and evil, spiritual vs. secular, the darkness and light. It’s a song that can be interpreted to mean loss of naivety.

3. Run Through the Jungle by Creedence Clearwater Revival


The song calls us to keep our guard up against evil. The lyrics ‘The devil is on the loose’ talk about the evil surrounding us. It can be the enemies known to you or friends in disguise. So, don’t drop your guard. Keep on the watch spiritually and employ your wisdom. Flee if that is what will save you. Similar to what Walter does, he jumps at the car as they make a drop-off with ‘The Dude, ‘it’s at that time when this ballad plays in the car.

2. Oye Como Va by Santana


Well, not all rhythms are exciting to listen to like this song. It was featured on the Big Lebowski film as the drive from a food store after Walter takes out his anger on a stranger’s car, thinking it was Jeff’s.

1. Looking Out My Back Door by Creedence Clearwater Revival


You’d love this song playing as you take nature adventures. Seeing the beautiful sceneries and how mysterious creatures get along and bond in nature makes this music relatable—or even being out of a setting that grabs your freedom.

Final Thoughts

Checking at the list of songs featured in The Big Lebowski movie will likely get you into watching this entire film. If you’ve watched the movie before and didn’t pay much attention to the played songs, there is a high probability you’ll consider a re-watch. Watching the film while you have an idea of which song plays at what scene is more entertaining. If you are a fan of The Coen Brothers, you can attest that The Big Lebowski is a masterpiece film.

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