20 Awesome Songs about Signs

There is something to be said about paying attention to the little signs that each of us sees on a daily basis. Sometimes we’re looking for a particular sign to give us some guidance. At other times, we might be blissfully living our lives, completely oblivious to the signs that are all around us.

If you’re interested in hearing some songs about signs, here are 20 of the best. Of course, they’re ranked from number 20 to the top spot at number one. That being said, you might have one that is listed somewhere on here that you would place in a different spot if you were creating such a list.

By the same token, you might even have a few of your own that you would add. 

20. Gimme Little Sign (Brenton Wood)

Every person that is ever been in love knows what it’s like to look for those little signs that the person you’re crushing on feels the same way. This is a song that is about those same types of feelings. The person in the song is falling in love but he’s also asking a serious question of the person that he’s fallen for. He wants to know whether or not that person feels the same way and he’s asking for clear signs that will tell him one way or the other.

19. Signs (Five Man Electrical Band)

This is a really interesting song that talks about how people who look or act differently are often singled out as opposed to being included within a community. The lyrics in the song deal with people that were often called hippies back in the 1970s and how they were looked down upon by other individuals. That being said, this could easily fit any group of individuals who find it difficult to be included along with everyone else. The song sort of does a deep dive into why people treat others like this and how it’s easier to simply walk away from something you don’t understand as opposed to making the effort to understand it.

18. The Sign (Foo Fighters)

This is one of the group’s more popular songs and it’s also one that deals with looking for signs in a much more generalized sense. It talks about being superstitious and needing to have some type of confirmation about what a person should do in a given situation, often looking to some unseen force to provide much-needed direction.

17. The Sign (Ace of Base)

This is another song about following signs and finding love, but not necessarily in the way that you might expect. It deals with being so involved in work and other obligations that the things that are often right in front of you can be easily missed. In this particular case, the thing that is missed is the fact that this person has been looking for love all along and it’s been right in front of him. He only needed to slow down long enough to see it.

16. Give Me A Sign (Breaking Benjamin)

The lyrics in this song can truly be tailored to fit practically any situation. That’s because they’re just ambiguous enough to allow many people to identify with them, all without telling you exactly what they’re about. For the most part, the main basis of the song seems to be dealing with a lost love but again, that could be tailored to fit anything you need. It’s also about asking for some type of sign that things can once again be put right.

15. Signs of Life (Arcade Fire)

This is a song that talks about being young, having dreams and thinking that you’re hip enough or cool enough to deal with anything that comes your way. Unfortunately, the song also talks about how this same group of people ages and eventually finds out that they’re not living their dreams. In fact, they’re scarcely living at all. They are merely existing, doing the exact same thing day after day, completely devoid of any passion or joy for any of it.

14. Sign O’ The Times (Prince)

This is a song that expertly weaves the hopes and the tragedies of daily life into a single piece of work. The lyrics talk about sending people to the moon while simultaneously allowing other people to be so entrenched in poverty that they would rather kill their loved ones than watch them suffer because they can’t afford to feed them any longer. It tells the story of both the highest and lowest points of human existence in an expert manner.

13. Tell Tale Signs (Kylie Minogue)

This is a very melancholy song about two people that used to be very much in love. However, one of those individuals is still searching for that love and the other has more or less moved on, despite having not actually ended the relationship. The song deals with seeing the signs that the relationship is over and wondering why the individual question won’t simply be forthcoming enough to say so.

12. Signs (Shriekback)

This is definitely not a song that every person is going to fall in love with, but it’s so unique that it just had to be included on the list. It’s also exceptionally long, involving multiple questions asked by the band to the listener. They’re repeatedly asking whether or not the listener is capable of reading the signs and if they know what they’re actually trying to say. Like most music, it’s definitely subjective. However, it’s also a song that seems quite divisive. People seem to either love it or hate it. There doesn’t seem to be much middle ground to be found here.

11. Warning Sign (Coldplay)

Here you have another song about two people who were very much in love and the pain that is experienced when a relationship doesn’t work out. The person in the song says that he’s looking for a warning sign because he misses this individual so much. He’s trying to go back in time in his mind, searching for some type of indication that he missed that should have told him something was wrong with the relationship before it ended.

10. Sign of the Times (Harry Styles)

This song seems almost cold at times. The lyrics are constantly telling someone to stop crying because that’s just the way things are now, almost admonishing them for having feelings about whatever has happened that has brought them to this point. Perhaps the song is referring to the current state of world affairs and how people have become so desensitized to almost everything that they aren’t typically affected by horrific news. Those who are impacted frequently find themselves being told that they need to stop being so sensitive.

9. Signs (Drake)

In a way, this is a song that’s also about adjusting to the current state of affairs, albeit in a much different manner. It talks about living life at a neck-breaking pace, becoming so accustomed to it that it’s almost impossible to slow down. The song also talks about seeing the signs that one is becoming too wrapped up in either themselves or their work to notice anything else of significance before it’s too late.

8. Sign of the Gypsy Queen (April Wine)

Here you have a song about hiding who you really are in plain sight. The song talks about hiding in the darkness and avoiding being caught by the light. As is the case with most song lyrics, this can be adjusted to fit a lot of different situations that life tends to throw at us. For the most part, it deals with putting on a persona as opposed to allowing the world to see your authentic self.

7. Warning Signs (Band of Horses)

This is the song that takes a truly dark turn. It’s about wanting to see the warning signs that someone is becoming mentally unstable, even to the point of being suicidal. However, the lyrics also talk about how difficult it is to see those signs unless you’re looking at them in retrospect. There are specific lyrics that deal with the individual in question going out of their way to make small talk and act as normal as possible, probably with the intention of not allowing anyone to know what they are actually considering doing.

6. Looking for a Good Sign (Hall & Oates)

This is a song that talks about how confusing it can be when someone decides to mimic your every move. It may be considered a form of flattery, but it can also be both confusing and unsettling when you don’t understand why someone is doing it in the first place. The song mainly talks about just looking for the signs that the next person they meet is strong enough to both have a relationship and be themselves as opposed to losing who they are in an attempt to become nothing more than a copy of someone else.

5. Signs (Neil Diamond)

For the most part, this song is actually quite literal. It talks about the various signs that are often given to people, even when they choose to ignore them. In fact, a good part of the song deals with those individuals who refuse to see the signs that are right in front of them for one reason or another.

4. Ravens (Mount Eerie)

This is a rather lengthy song that tells a story, almost as if you’re reading a book. It talks about a person who simply walks out into the yard one day and sees two large ravens. Those birds are taken as a sign that this person needs to move away with their child. The story continues on from there, often talking about the importance of following such signs as opposed to ignoring them.

3. Signs (Creed)

When the band performed the song, they were trying to get a point across about the importance of including everyone as opposed to excluding one group or the other because their skin is a different color or their beliefs aren’t the same. The song deals with the signs that are often present when someone claims to be willing to include everyone, yet doesn’t actually practice that in their daily life.

2. Signs of Life (Steven Curtis Chapman)

This is an interesting song that deals with people who are so entrenched with technology that they’re basically incapable of connecting with one another on a personal level. The song goes on to talk about how people use technology to supposedly make their lives easier, yet how most people are forgetting what it’s like to even be human in the first place.

1. Signs & Symbols (Ishmael I)

Last but certainly not least, you have the song that landed in the number one slot. This is an interesting tune that deals with learning not to miss the signs and symbols that are right in front of your face on a daily basis. It doesn’t matter if you’re talking about love, money, or virtually anything else. According to the lyrics, there are always signs all around you that are guiding you and telling you what to do. The key is to be wise enough to learn to look for them and then listen to them, even when they don’t exactly line up with what you want on a more personal level.

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