The 10 Best Bobby “Blue” Bland Songs of All-Time

Bobby Bland

Bobby Bland, aka the ‘Sinatra of the Blues, is a legendary musician with immense impact on the blues music genre. He was born in 1930 and is classified as one of the most influential artists in the blues scene. Bobby’s success is accredited to his unique storytelling style through music, not forgetting his vocal abilities, which are out of this world. He started his music journey as a gospel artist when his mother relocated to Memphis. Over the years, Bobby has built his name in the music industry by releasing incredible soul, blues, and R&B songs. Some of his greatest hits of all time include;

10. Cry, Cry, Cry

Ending a relationship is a stressful period. In this song, Bobby describes a man who is determined to leave a relationship, and he doesn’t care whether the woman he is in love with cries herself out. The man has zero emotions for this woman because she made him cry in the relationship. Here, Bobby looks like he has finally moved on and doesn’t want to be in an unsure state like what happened with ‘This Time I’m Gone for Good.’ When the woman realizes the relationship is over, she cries out, but it’s cold revenge to see her cry.

9. Love to see you Smile

Love to see you smile was released in 1978. Bobby is a master of expressing his feelings through songs. This love song talks about a man who is in love and wants to see his lady smile. The lady found the man at his lowest and made him the happiest man. The lyrics have beautiful affirmations that any lady would love to hear.

8. This Time, I’m Gone for Good

Sometimes in life, we have to say goodbye to that one person we cherish. Bobby realized this and penned his thoughts in a song. He describes how difficult it is to leave a toxic relationship, especially if you are attached to someone. His vocals painfully describe how difficult it is to walk away from someone you love. This song is part of His California Album.

7. Farther Up the Road

Farther Up the Road is a beautiful song transitioning from the usual blues to the blue rock genre famous in the 1960s. The song was initially written by Houston songwriter Joe Medwick Veasey and recorded in 1957. According to Wikipedia, this song is considered one of Bobby’s best tunes and his first record chart. Throughout, this song has been recorded and performed by some artists like Eric Clapton. Farther up the road topped Billboard, peaking at number 43 for several weeks. The song is successful because it tells a convincing story.

6. I Pity the Fool

At number six, we have ‘I Pity the Fool.’ This song, written by Joe Medwick, is also part of Two Steps from the Blues. The lyrics depict a gentleman who is ashamed and pities other men like him who have fallen in love with a particular lady. This song uplifted Bobby’s fame, becoming one of his most requested ballads. It combines pulsing instruments and unique vocals that make it excellent musicianship. Artists such as Ann Pebbles and The Manish boys are featured in the song’s cover album.

5. Members Only

It is one of the wittiest songs released by Bobby Bland. The song is an invitation for people to attend a simple party that is free, and there is no social class. A broken heart is required to be part of ‘Members Only. This party has no judgment because members have suffered other losses. The song advocates for letting go and acceptance after losing a relationship. According to Genius, Members Only was written by Larry Anderson and released in 1987 in the First Class Blues album. Bobby featured other artists on the cover, such as Tyrone Taylor and Duane Stephenson.

4. That’s the Way Love Is

There is no specific description of love, but Bobby attempted to describe this feeling through a song. According to Bobby Bland, love is a beautiful feeling with a rollercoaster of emotions. One minute you are on a bed of roses with your partner, and before you know it, you are on the flip side, facing thorns. One time, you are begging a lady to accept you; the next time, it’s the lady pleading with you. This song peaked at number 33 for a while on Billboard’s top 100 charts.

3. I’ll Take Care of You

I’ll Take Care of You was released under Two Steps from the Blue album. Bobby Bland and Brook Benton initially wrote the song. The lyrics describe a man in love with a lady who is hurt because of her toxic relationship. The man assures her of love and compassion. The song has a catchy vibe attributed to Bobby’s soothing vocals. Other artists, such as Elvis Costello and Van Morrison, helped to fine-tune the song.

2. Ain’t No Love in the Heart of the City

Ain’t No Love in the Heart of the City is a beautiful song by Dan Walsh and Michael Price. The song was handed to Bobby Bland for his Dreamer album. Bobby used the song to reinvent himself in the early 1970s. The rhythm of this song can be classified as a heartbroken disco. It is a love song that describes a state of hopelessness and urban poverty. It also talks about the struggle people go through to achieve their goals.

1. Turn on your Love Light

The number one song in this list is ‘Turn on your Love Light,’ which was recorded in 1961. This song is a banger and has become one of his most famous songs. The song was written by Joe Scott, whose brass arrangement fine-tuned the rhythm to gain momentum. They recorded with the help of talented artists such as Melvin Jackson and Teddy Reynolds, who played the trumpet and piano, respectively. According to Classic Rock History, this song is one of Bobby’s best songs because of its 1999 Grammy Hall of Fame Award and its inclusion in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

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