The 10 Best Butcher Babies Songs of All-Time

Butcher Babies

Butcher Babies are a metal band from L.A., and they’re pretty awesome. They have released four albums throughout their career, and they’ve been nominated for two Grammys so far. But what makes them really stand out? The Butcher Babies take inspiration from horror films, B-movies to create catchy tunes that resonate with anyone who likes rock music. Check out this list of 10 best songs by this talented group.

10. Lilith by Butcher Babies


This song is inspired by the biblical story of Lilith. Lilith was a demon spirit who would come to men in their sleep and have sex with them, which often resulted in pregnancies that were considered illegitimate since they were not consensual on behalf of both parties involved. The lyrics speak about how “I’ve been searching for an angel/been looking all night long,” but instead, she finds herself “getting lost inside your thighs.” This suggests that even though we might be tempted by what seems like a forbidden fruit- our body’s desires tell us something else entirely: just because you want it doesn’t mean you should do it. In this sense, Lilith represents those feelings or thoughts society tells us we should not have or actions we are told to avoid. According to Green Room, Butcher Babies popularity is on raise since they released this song.

9. Grim Sleeper by Butcher Babies


This song is about serial killer Lonnie Franklin Jr. also known as the Grim Sleeper, who was found guilty of murdering over ten women in South Central Los Angeles. While it’s not a traditional love ballad, this song is all about truth and having an open dialogue with oneself when dealing with addiction to drugs or alcohol: “I’m so tired… I can’t be sober.” Heidi sings on the chorus before proclaiming she won’t live like that again for anyone else but herself- “Now I know what matters most/and it ain’t you,” Heidi croons out in her powerful voice.

8. Never go Back by Butcher Babies


This song is from their debut album, “Goliath,” and it’s one of my favorites! It has a really great intro that will have you hooked immediately. The verses are catchy with some heavy guitar riffs by Heidi & Liv, while Carla’s vocals soar on top of the melody. There’s also an awesome bridge to this track- in which all three ladies harmonize together for a brief moment before heading back into even more solid riffing from both guitars.This song definitely highlights what makes Butcher Babies so unique–you can feel just how much fun they’re having playing music together – regardless if your feet are tapping or not, the energy radiating off these girls is simply contagious.

7. Monster’s Ball


This song has a more mainstream sound to it, but with the Butcher Babies twist, of course. It features some excellent guitar work by Liv and Heidi, and Carla’s vocals take you on an emotional rollercoaster ride. This track is from their newest album, “Take It Like A Man.” The song has a driving bassline that is just infectious. The intro is very reminiscent of some old classic metal songs. And once the lyrics and melody kick in, you are hooked onto Butcher Babies’ Monster’s Ball. It’s an ode to all those fans who have helped make them so successful and their own inner monsters that they battle every day with hard work and dedication. This band does not fail to impress me on any track. Fans definitely enjoy this one- it’s got everything we love about them in there.

6. They are Coming to Take me Away


I’m not usually one for singing in the shower- but this Butcher Babies song has me singing every single time. They Are Coming to Take Me Away is just so catchy and upbeat that I cannot resist the urge to sing along with each verse. It’s a fun song with a great pop vibe while still having enough energy to get you excited. Out of all their songs on Goliath, this may be my favorite. For me, it’s an addictive feeling that never goes away- even though it’s not one of their more famous songs– it always manages to make my day.

5. In Denial


This song is from the album “Take It Like A Man,” and it’s one of my favorites. The intro to this track is dark, eerie with some amazing guitar work by Liv & Heidi before Carla’s vocals take you on a journey that will have your heart racing. I love how passionate she sounds in this song- as if her voice echoes what we all feel sometimes: being consumed by anger or hurtful feelings towards someone else.”In Denial” also has some great drumming by Lizzie because we know how much Butcher Babies loves their heavy-duty drums. This track highlights just how powerful these girls can be when they get together–no matter whether you’re already a fan or not–you’ll want to listen to it.

4. Ignitor by Butcher Babies


If you’ve seen Butcher Babies live, then you know that they love to bring the energy. Ignitor features a hard-hitting intro and no-holds-barred lyrics from Heidi as she sings about anger over her father’s death. This song is about feeling vulnerable and the terror that can come from a person’s inner thoughts. Indira revealed in an interview with Loudwire how she wrote this song: “I was going through some horrible depression at the time, and I had these horrific thoughts of me hurting myself or even killing myself. And then somehow, you know, it became like rage against other people who were bullying me on my social media sites.” After listening to this song for years, it never gets old or repetitive but is always an adrenaline rush.

3. Magnolia Blvd


It’s called Magnolia Blvd for nothing. With an opening riff that sounds like it came straight from the Alice in Wonderland soundtrack, this song is a nice departure to blast while cruising down Hollywood Boulevard with friends. Heidi has said she wrote this as her anthem and about how when you are stuck in a deep hole, sometimes all you can do is keep digging until one day the sun comes up. The lyrics may seem pretty dark at first glance, but there is always hope if we just believe enough: “One day I’ll see past the white lights/just don’t give up on me now” Heidi sings, “hold my hand, let’s walk through hell.” Indira wrote this song about her life and how she was doing everything to please others with the mentality of “what will people think?” But after reading The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz, a book that is all about taking responsibility for your own thoughts, actions, and feelings in order to live an authentic life. The song embraces our individuality and says it’s okay not to be perfect or happy every second of every day, but you must try.

2. Bottom of the Bottle


This song is about a guy who has lost his way and is drinking to forget. The first time we heard this song was when the Butcher Babies performed it on Conan O’Brien. They were wearing all black leather pants, studded belts with crosses dangling from them, and Carla had one of those cigarette holders in her mouth while she sang. She looked so badass. The band started out slow then kicked into high gear at the chorus, which just made us want to get up off our seats and dance like crazy. We love how much raw emotion you can hear in Heidi’s voice as she sings, “I’m not coming back down…so tell me now, what are your plans?”

1. Smell a Massacre


It might sound a bit macabre, but this Butcher Babies song is one of my favorites. Smell A Massacre has an epic intro that will have you hooked from the start. The song also features some amazing guitar work by Heidi and Liv before Carla’s signature vocals take over with soaring melodies. This track enforces what we’ve been saying all along – they are not just chicks with guitars- these ladies can blow doors down in any metal band on stage today.


The Butcher Babies have a lot of great songs to offer their fans. They range from personal lyrics about overcoming obstacles, and the music reflects that sentiment with heavy guitar riffs and powerful vocals. If you want some new tunes for your playlist or if you’re looking for something fresh to add at work, check out the above best songs by the Butcher Babies.

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