The 10 Best Coheed and Cambria Songs of All-Time

Coheed and Cambria

Our latest review of the best songs of all time brings us to an energetic American band known as “Coheed and Cambria.” This rock band started in Nyack, New York, in 1995. Initially, Coheed and Cambria tried out various musical styles, including funk, heavy metal, punk rock, acoustic rock, and indie rock. Over the years, the band has had a fantastic lineup of musicians, and the current members consist of Travis Stever, who is the guitarist, Zach Cooper (vocalist, backing, bass), Josh Eppard (keyboardist, backing vocalist, drummer), and Claudio Sanchez (keyboardist, guitarist, vocalist) The names “Coheed and Cambria” are derived from the novel “Amory Wars” written by Claudio Sanchez. Coheed and Cambria are the starring characters in the narrative; thus, the band derives their songs based on the novel’s storyline. Below is the list of the top 10 best songs of all time from the band Coheed and Cambria and their primarily punk rock anthems.

10. Deranged


Our number 10 focus on the best songs of Coheed and Cambria leads us to the song “ Deranged,” which was released in 2004. The band musically portrays Batman’s story and intelligently delivers the emotions of humility, truth, tension, power, and anger as in the novel “Amory Wars,” according to Loud Wire.

9. Mother Superior


This song feels more like a conversation between Claudia and Mother Superior. It’s one of their slow songs that is highly popular among the band’s fans. In the song, Mother Superior tells Claudia to keep on going to achieve what he was meant to accomplish.

8. Time Consumer


This song is about Coheed accepting that he has to murder his two twin kids “Matthew and Maria,” as seen in the book “ Amory War.” This track is one of the band’s tracks that gives a broader view of the emotional feelings we get when we make tough decisions in life. “Time Consumer” is contained in the album “The Second Stage Turbine Blade,” produced in 2012.

7. The Crowing


“The Crowing” is a 6 minutes 35 seconds rock song in the band’s album “In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth.” It is the fifth track in this 2003 album and a gamechanger in the career journey of the band. Claudia acts as the crowing (savior) who has to leave everyone he loves, including his guardian (Ambellina). He understands his powers, knows what he can do but wonders how to do it.

6. Blood Red Summer


This song lands us on the 2nd lead single and 6th track in the band’s second studio album, “ In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth.” The track “Blood Red Summer” peaked at position 29 on the US Alternative Songs Billboard Chart in 2003. The song features a metalcore fiction story where we see Claudia Sanchez inside a cabin in the woods where he sets booby traps and fences around it. During all this, Sanchez can see visions of his band members who supposedly have turned to vampires. We see Claudia in a storeroom with shelved canned foods and liquids. Claudia notices his band members passing through his traps, coming to attack him with glaring red eyes. He shoots an arrow that does not seem to affect them, and he is attacked mercilessly, and he helplessly falls to the ground. As the video comes to an end, Claudia stands with glowing red eyes as well, and together we see them staggering off from the woods.

5. The Suffering


“The Suffering” in this song refers to pains endured as a result of a breakup. The track outlines the story of a girl who is hurt by her guy who left her despite her pleading with him. However, the guy later comes back, and the girl rejects him to avoid being hurt again, making the guy angry and sad. The girl cheats on him to a place of insanity, making the guy feel like she only wants revenge and makes him feel bad.

4. A Favor House Atlantic


This hit song by Coheed and Cambria is contained in their 2003 album, “ In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth:3.” The track “A Favor House Atlantic” is only in this album, and it lists among the top breakout singles of Coheed and Cambria’s band. The video of this song is a complete flow of humor. In the music video, we get to see the band performing in a club and picking girls randomly. The band members also wear comical outfits of the ’80s, which try to portray a different character in the “Amory Wars” narrative.

3. No World for Tomorrow


This song was produced by Columbia Records and was released in October 2007. The band’s determination enabled the song to rise to position seven on the “Top 200 Billboard” chart in the United States. Before its release, the band members spent the better part of 2007 working on “No World for Tomorrow” to bring out the best in their skills and prowess. However, the song’s storyline seems more personal to Claudia Sanchez as his emotions about his past life are felt in the lyrics. Nevertheless, Sanchez manages to overcome the emotional connection and ends the song in an incredible and artistic style.

2. In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth


This track saw the Coheed and Cambria band rise to fame in the era of 21st-century imaginative modern rock music. In this song, the band members showcased their professionalism by mixing elements of pop, hardcore, punk, prog, and metal to flow melodiously with the unforgettable voice of Claudio Sanchez.

1. Welcome Home


The top song in our list goes to “Welcome Home,” which was also produced by Columbia Records on September 20, 2015. The song outlines the hostility in the court’s relationship between Miss Erica and The Writer as narrated in the novel “The Amory Wars.” The track topped at position 24 on the mainstream rock songs billboard and number 36 on Alternative Songs charts in the US.

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