The 10 Best Chayce Beckham Songs of All-Time

Chayce Beckham

There’s no doubt about it, country singer Chayce Beckham has come on the scene after winning “American Idol” last year and he is taking the music world by storm. Below are 10 of the songs that he has either recorded on his own or performed throughout the competition. Some of the songs are solos and others are duets. Some are his own while others are covers. Regardless, every one of the songs listed below showcases his voice in a different light. They are ranked from number 10 to number one, with YouTube links attached to each one. You might have a different opinion of how the songs should be listed, but it’s highly likely that ultimately, your opinion will align with that of many others- that Beckham is indeed a star in his own right with a bright future as a musician.

10. 23 (2021)


This is a very personal song for Beckham, as it details his struggles with alcohol abuse as well his attempts to get sober. If you or someone you are close to have struggled with something similar, the song will definitely hit home. Even if that’s not the case, you’ll undoubtedly be able to identify with certain elements of the song on a personal level.

9. Can’t Do Without Me (2021)


The lyrics to this song deal with being in love and wanting to be with that particular person so badly that you simply count away the minutes of every hour that you can’t be with them. In this particular context, it deals with going to work and being separated throughout the course of the work day, all while watching the clock and waiting for that magical time when the two people in the story can be together again.

8. Mamma (2021)


This is a song that was written by Beckham to honor his mother. Anyone who has ever wished that they had the words to tell a parent how grateful they are for everything can relate to this song on one level or another. It’s a very touching song that has a tendency to get people quite emotional, obviously for a number of different reasons.

7. Ole Smoky Nashville (2021)


This is another original song, mainly about the constant struggle that a person goes through between being addicted to something or being clean and sober. The lyrics in the song also talk about how hard it is when you’re facing that type of thing and you’re around countless numbers of individuals who engage in things like smoking and drinking without giving it a second thought, all while you’re doing everything you can just to hold on for another day.

6. Fire Away (2021)


This is a duet that he sang with Chris Stapleton, the person who originally recorded the song. The lyrics deal with the type of situation that everyone finds themselves in at one time or another, where someone is hurling one insult after another at them. The song centers around this type of situation and how the individual in the story ultimately handles it.

5. What Brings Life Also Kills (2021)


This is a cover of a Kolton Moore song that he did while he was competing on “American Idol.” It deals with the subject matter of realizing that the thing that you’re most passionate about, that very thing that makes you feel the most alive, is also typically what is most capable of bringing you to your knees at a moment’s notice. The lyrics in the song deal with this duality. You wouldn’t feel alive without this particular person or thing in your life, yet you’re also most frail because of it.

4. Blackbird (2021)


This is a cover of The Beatles song originally written by Paul McCartney and John Lennon. There’s a great deal of symbolism in the song. The lyrics speak of a black bird flying off to some other place. Obviously, that’s something that can mean a lot of different things and therefore, the context of the song changes based on the state of mind of the individual who is listening to it.

3. Afterglow (2021)


The lyrics to this song speak of being in love. Simply put, it’s all about that honeymoon phase where you feel like there’s not a thing in the world that could touch you, nor even slow you down. Beckham performed the song as a contestant on “American Idol.” It is an Ed Sheeran cover, one that many people feel that he did an outstanding job on.

2. Break My Heart Again (2021)


Beckham performed this song as an “American Idol” contestant with Casey Bishop. In a way, it’s a love song but in another way, it poses a question. That question involves wondering why people get their hearts broken and then come right back into that exact same type of situation again, often with the same person. The song goes on to explore the reasons why there are times when it seems like a person is almost hardwired to do something very specific, even when they know that the chances of it working in their favor are slim to none.

1. Forever After All (2021)


In this Luke Combs cover, Beckham actually performs the song as a duet with Combs. The song itself deals with many of the things that people tend to take for granted, largely because they consider them the mundane things that exist in day-to-day life. The song goes on to talk about how these are the things that are actually the most important moments in a person’s life and how they shouldn’t be taken for granted.

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