The 10 Best Deborah Cox Songs of All-Time

Deborah Cox

Deborah Cox is a Canadian singer, songwriter, record producer, and actress. She began singing for TV commercials when she was 12 years old. With her mother’s help, she got into several talent shows. Meanwhile, she would perform in nightclubs as a teenager. During her teenage years, she would write a lot of songs. Her professional career began when she became Celine Dion’s background singer. Since then, she has had a successful singing career. According to Deborah Cox, she has recorded six award-winning and critically acclaimed albums. Having described her brief journey into singing, it is time we identified some of her best songs. Without further ado, here are the top 10 best Deborah Cox songs of all time.

10. Things Just Ain’t the Same (1997)

Deborah reminds us how tough it can be to process the loss of a relationship. Some people may be quick to tell a person to move on, but it is not that simple. According to Healthline, it takes roughly 3.5 months to heal from a breakup. In this song, a man walks away from her. She experiences a lot of emotions you would expect from heartbreaks. There are times she feels like crying and dying. She hopes the man understands her feelings, but the man does not seem to care.

9. My First Night With You (1995)

The song describes the happiness that occurs after being romantically involved with another person. She describes her romantic experience in detail, and you cannot help but want that feeling. Additionally, she captures the emotions you would feel after a first night, for example, crying. Another reason to like the song is how it tackles sex without being filthy. That is hardly something you can say about modern R&B songs.

8. Where Do We Go From Here? (1995)

Here is yet another song that tackles the aftermath of a breakup. In the first verse, she acknowledges taking the relationship for granted. The man grew fed up and walked away. After walking away, she realizes how much he meant to him. She knows she must accept the outcome but struggles to move on. The singer, therefore, wants to know what she could do to move on. According to WikiHow, reaching out to friends and family is one way to move on.

7. House is Not a Home (2006)

The artist describes how a particular house does not feel the same despite having remained the same for years. She feels that way because love no longer exists in the house. This event occurred after her boyfriend walked out on her. While she was with the man, she would do a lot of activities in the house. For instance, she would use the house to sing her songs. With this development, she can no longer sing with zeal.

6. I Won’t Give Up (1998)

In this song, a woman is in love with a man. However, she knows her friends will tease her since they consider the man out of her league. Be that as it may, she pursues the man anyway. Eventually, she succeeds in befriending the man. The takeaway from this song is that some people will hinder your pursuit of love. It is, therefore, important to ignore naysayers and pursue the person you like.

5. Who Do You Love? (1995)

Relationships can be fleeting for some. In the song, a woman wonders how casually her man walked out on her. Before he walked out, he promised he would never leave her. On her part, she was available for the man whenever he called her. As sad as it is for relationships to end suddenly, you should keep an open mind about their fleeting nature. Some people may like a person today and resent the person a few days later. You can also find yourself no longer liking a person you used to like.

4. The Sound of My Tears (1995)

Deborah portrays a woman who is the life of the party and a class clown. As a result, her unsuspecting friends consider her happy. It turns out she is sad since she is struggling with loneliness. She experiences loneliness whenever her man leaves her. It is safe to assume that he leaves for work, which takes up most of his time.

3. Couldn’t We? (1998)

The first verse informs us of an argument a woman had with her boyfriend. It seems the argument was so heated that the man considered ending the relationship. However, the woman does not feel the relationship should end because of their arguments. She decides to convince him to stay by saying they could start over. Also, she tells the man that their love will see past their current troubles. Technically, the woman is right because arguments are normal in a relationship. However, the arguments can become so intense that it becomes necessary to walk away.

2. Hurt So Much (2002)

In this song, a woman stays in a relationship with a man despite hurting her in the past. He cheated on her, and her friends advised her to let him go. However, she ignored her friends and forgave the man. Despite forgiving the man, she is still hurt by his past actions. It is, therefore, easy to forgive but not forget someone’s wrongs. Nonetheless, she reassures the man that she is committed to their relationship.

1. Sentimental (1995)

Deborah’s character takes her relationship for granted by messing around. Her boyfriend gets upset by her actions and leaves her. Soon after, the woman realizes that she has messed up. She begins to think about how her life would have been if they were still together. This song is a cautionary tale about losing someone you love due to being disloyal.

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