The 10 Best Jonas Brothers Songs of All-Time

Jonas Brothers

The Jonas brothers made a triumphant return to music after a lengthy hiatus (6 years hiatus, to be precise). Although some may still not be on board with the “Jealous” band’s latest incarnation, it’s hard to deny that they were one of the most cherished pop bands of the early ’00s. Loved by young girls and preteens, the Jonas Brothers put out a series of successful albums and songs before breaking up in 2013. After their split, we saw every member (save for Nick) venture into acting and fashion lines, but it’s clear that many fans are still missing the days when they could tune into Disney for a dose of the Jo Bro tunes.

10. “Year 3000” (from the album “It’s About Time”/2006)


Originally recorded by the boy band Busted, “Year 3000” was given new life by the three brothers from New Jersey. It’s a playful tune that is just as catchy and upbeat as their other hits. The song peaked #2 on the UK Pop Singles chart and #58 on the Netherlands (Single Top 100). The three brothers had to switch the song’s lyrics a little bit to reduce sexual suggestions. They also had to replace the line mentioning Michael Jackson with one mentioning Kelly Clarkson to update it.

9. “Hello Beautiful” (from the album “Jonas Brothers”/2007)


The fifth single from their self-titled second studio album is an infectious expression of young love. The lyrics are cheesy and passionate at the same time, and we all know that’s the formula for a hit. Nick Jonas said they wrote the song while they were on the road. His personal experiences inspired it. In the song, Nick appears to be telling Miley Cyrus (his girlfriend at the time) that he’s moving to her city to be closer to her.

8. “Burnin’ Up” (from the album “A Little Bit Longer”/2008)


One of their best dance songs, “Burnin’ Up,” was written by Kevin and Joe while they were on tour with Miley Cyrus, who has previously co-written several songs for the band. The lyrics are kind of lewd, with only one line being censored in the radio version: “I’m burning up with desire.” Critics praised the song for its rock sound that deviates from the pop tracks on their previous albums. It peaked at #5 on the US Billboard Hot 100 and reached #30 on the US Adult Top 40 (Billboard).

7. Pom Poms (from the album “Live”/”2013”)


Although there was a lot of controversy surrounding their comeback, it’s almost impossible not to like “Pom Poms,” the lead single from the Jonas Brothers’ second live album, “Live.” It has everything: sweet lyrics, catchy melodies, and an Endless Love reference. The song peaked at #60 on the US Billboard and #57 on the (Canadian Hot 100). It was the first single that the trio released outside their previous record label, “Hollywood Records.” The song was written by the three brothers with the help of Paul Phamous. Nick Jonas produced it, and instead of releasing it under Hollywood Records, they would release it under Jonas Enterprise.

6. First Time (as a single/2013)


The group had plans to release the song as part of their fifth studio album. However, after they broke up, it was released as a single on June 11, 2013. It’s also included in their second live album, “Live.” “First Time” is a sweet track that talks about new love and taking chances for the first time. It’s catchy and has a nice message to it. The song was written by Nick Jonas “with a little help from his friends.” It’s been widely celebrated by critics, with many complimenting it for its more mature sound.

5. Tonight (from the album “A Little Bit Longer”/2008)


Tonight was released as the third single of the trio’s third studio album, “A little Bit Longer.” It ended up becoming the group’s second song to reach the top 10 in the Billboard Hot 100. They also became the first musicians since Madonna to have two songs debuting in the top 10 in the same year. The single sold more than 100,000 copies in the first week and was eventually certified gold. The song is kind of sad but sweet at the same time. It’s about breaking up, but they’re still together and supporting each other through it all. It’s a good lesson for people going through their own breakups or issues with their partners: you might not be together anymore, but you can still be friends.

4. Fly with Me (from the album “Lines, Vines and Trying Times”/2009)


The third single to their fourth studio album was released on June 9, 2009, through the previous label, Hollywood Records. It was produced by Steve Robson and written by the band with John Fields. “Fly With Me” is an acoustic guitar-driven pop ballad about finding love in someone who goes through the same struggles as you do, which led critics to believe that it’s about Kevin’s then-girlfriend, Danielle Deleasa.The song peaked at #83 on the US Billboard and #36 on the Canadian Hot 100.

3. When You Look Me In The Eyes (from the album “A Little Bit Longer”/“2008”)


After releasing a string of uptempo dance songs for their sophomore album, “Jonas Brothers” (2007), the guys became more serious on “A Little Bit Longer.” They switched to a more folk-pop sound and released the lead single When You Look Me In The Eyes. The song instantly became a high school sensation because of its lyrics and the sentimental focus on it. “When You Look Me In The Eyes” was written by John Fields, who’s produced many of the Jonas Brother’s tracks. The song peaked at #25 on the US Billboard Hot 100, while the album was certified platinum in 2009 by the Recording Industry Association of America. It reached #1 in Canada, New Zealand, the Philippines, and Brazil.

2. Sucker (“Happiness begins” Live Album /2013)


“Sucker” was released as the lead single for their fifth studio album released in the summer of 2019, under RCA Records. It was the group’s first single after their six-year hiatus. The trio co-wrote the song with the help of Louis Bell and producers Frank Dukes and Ryan Tedder (of One Republic), who also served as the track’s executive producer. The single was released on March 1, 2013, and peaked at #88 on Billboard Hot 100, #10 on UK Singles Chart, and #6 on US Billboard Adult Pop Songs.

1. SOS (from the album “Jonas Brothers”/2007)


Nick Jonas said the song “SOS” took to him approximately 10 minutes to write. He wrote it in the middle of the night and recorded it in the morning, and said about it: “I was all alone when I wrote that song, and we had to teach everyone else our parts.” The single would ride sales to become the group’s highest debut on the Billboard Hot 100, peaking at #17. The song would bring the trio so much success, peaking at #13 in the UK. Its music video was filmed on RMS Queen Mary, and it features Moises Arias. Jonas Brothers’ “SOS” has become the band’s signature song and one of the most successful songs in 2007.

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