The 10 Best Kenny Lattimore Songs of All-Time

Kenny Lattimore is an American singer and songwriter, born on April 10, 1970. The singer developed an interest in music since his hey-days in high school. Over the years, he’s released various studio albums, starting with his self-titled debut studio album in 1996. He followed it up with seven other albums. In 2003 and 2006, he released two collaborative albums with his ex-wife, Chanté. According to his official biography website, New York Times dubbed him a “modern soul man.” The singer has always wanted to perform music covering all styles and emotions he’s encountered since he entered the limelight. His intention for diversifying his music is to make fans learn more about his personality. Here are his ten best songs of all time.

10. “Just What It Takes” (1996)


“Just What It Takes” is the second single from Lattimore’s self-titled debut album, released in 1996. The song describes a man trying to convince his lover that he has what it takes to love her right. He promises to cherish and support her as she chases her dreams and do right by her. It’s an excellent love song to dedicate to your girlfriend, fiancé, or wife during a special occasion.

9. “Deserve” (2017)


“Deserve” is the seventh track from Lattimore’s ninth album, Vulnerable, released in 2017. The US Independent Albums ranked it 21st the same year. Kenny Lattimore opens the song by saying his lover doesn’t deserve to be hurt, hence wishes to be her eternal lover. Sometimes, you need someone to assure you everything will be well. The lyrics sound like a man who’d do anything to keep his lover happy. No other singer will if his affectionate voice doesn’t melt your heart.

8. “You’re My Starship” (2008)


According to SongKick, Lattimore has toured various places worldwide and across the US including Philadelphia, Akron-OH, Cincinnati-OH, and many others. Among the songs he’s fond of performing is “You’re My Starship” from his fourth 2008 studio album, Timeless. The track describes a man beseeching his lover to his starship so she can take him out.

7. “Lovable” feat. Chanté Moore (2003)


Kenny married singer Chanté Moore in 2002 in Jamaica but divorced nine years later. One of the songs they performed while together was “Lovable.” The same year, they released it for their collaborative album, Things That Lovers Do. The duo co-wrote it alongside Bobby Ross, Isaiah Avila, and James Samuel lii Harris. Both singers take turns relaying profound love messages to each other. Unfortunately, they had to part ways, but we hope this song reminds them about the special moments they shared while living together.

6. “All My Tomorrows” (1998)


Have you ever fallen in love with someone you feel completes you? How did that make you feel? You want to be with someone who assures you they’ll be with you through the rough times. Once you find that special person, you start pegging your future with them. As expected, Lattimore doesn’t disappoint as far as oozing love messages is concerned. “All My Tomorrows” is the eleventh song from Lattimore’s second studio album, From the Soul of Man. It shares thoughts about taking relationships to the next level.

5. “Love Me Back” (2015)


The lead single in Lattimore’s fifth studio album, Anatomy of a Love Song, is “Love Me Back.” Dra-kkar, Kenny Lattimore, Bobby Womack, Hinton Raymond Shondale, and Sandra Sully wrote it and did the background vocals. It mainly describes a man desperate to get loved by a woman he’s interested in. He urges her to reciprocate the love he has for her. It’s a romantic way of assuring your lover that you share the same feeling. What more do you need than a lover who knows how to play around with words to make you feel special?

4. “Stay on Your Mind” (2017)


“Stay on Your Mind” is another fantastic track from Lattimore’s seventh studio album, Vulnerable. The singer released it in 2017. The song describes a man who knows how much his lover has been through. To ease the tension, he promises to make her feel relieved through his professional love bombarding style. Even though we don’t know who the singer had in mind when co-writing and singing it, you can tell he did a tremendous job thanks to his beautiful vocals.

3. “If You Could See (Through My Eyes)” (1998)


In 1998, Lattimore performed and released “If You Could See (Through My Eyes)” from his album, From the Soul of Man. That was before he met his former wife, Chanté Moore. According to Wikipedia, through his interviews, Lattimore has always yearned to portray the strong but sensitive and caring side of Black men. This track shows his strong personality and how he appreciates women.

2. “Never Too Busy” (1996)


“Never Too Busy” is a song by Lattimore from his debut self-titled album, released in 1996. The opening verse describes Lattimore’s assurance of love for his woman. Though he admits that he has other life obligations to fulfill, he assures her that he’s never been too busy for her. Sometimes, all you need is your lover to assure you that all will be well, regardless of your relationship’s turmoil. We found this track magnificent, thanks to Lattimore’s vocals and lyrics.

1. “For You” (1996)


“For You” is the best Kenny Lattimore song from his self-titled album, released in 1996. It was the most successful of all songs released from this album. It got two nominations; a Grammy Award for the Best Male R&B Vocal Performance at the 40th Grammy Awards. R Kelly’s “I Believe I Can Fly” won the award. The second nomination was Soul Train Music Award for Beat R&B/ Soul Single. The single was Lattimore’s biggest hit, with US Billboard Hot 100 ranking it at 33 in 1977.

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