The 10 Best Marty Stuart Songs of All-Time

Marty Stuart

Well known for his bluegrass music, John Marty Stuart is a legendary singer, songwriter, and musician. Marty Stuart began his music career when he joined the Cash band. Later he left the band and signed a recording contract with Columbia Records. Marty Stuart released his first self-titled album in 1985 that brought him to prominence. The album was a hit and produced his first single, “Arlene,” that charted on US Billboard Hot Country Songs. Later in 1988, Marty Stuart released his second album, Let There Be Country. Marty Stuart left Columbia Records and joined MCA Records in 1989. While here, he released an album, Hillbilly Rock, that was certified gold by RIAA. The album produced two singles, the self-titled track “Hillbilly Rock” and “Western Girls,” the best-selling singles. Marty Shuart has continuously released other albums; Tempted, This One’s Gonna Hurt You, Love, and Luck, among others. Here are the top ten best Marty Stuart songs of all time ranked in descending order.

10. Arlene


Opening our top ten Marty Stuart songs list is “Arlene.” This was the first single hit for Marty Stuart, released in December 1985. The song was a commercial success and brought Marty Stuart to the limelight giving him mainstream attention, and it became the first to appear on charts reaching number nineteen on US Billboard Hot Singles & Track. Curtis Allen penned this single. Lyrically, Marty Stuart speaks about having a crush on a girl and is willing to go through all it takes just to have her.

9. Burn Me Down


Marty Stuart clearly illustrates his unconventional love for country music in this song. Marty Stuart’s vocals are great, the lyrics are sassy, and the instrumental beats make this song more danceable. The song was released in January 1992 as the fourth single from Marty’s album. This single was positively praised by critics and charted at number seven on US Billboard Hot Country Singles & Tracks chart.

8. Western Girls


“Western Girls” never gets old and is the type of song you could listen to over and over again. This song compliments western girls’ passion and beauty. Marty Stuart talks about how every cowboy desires a western girl because of their charms. This track is beautiful and was penned down by Paul Kennerley and Marty Stuart. The song was a success, and it emerged number twenty on the US Billboard Hot Country Singles chart.

7. Kiss Me, I’m Gone


This mid-tempo hit comes in as the first single from Marty Stuart’s album, Love and Luck. The song is about a man in love who wants to hold on and enjoy the most out of that love. It has nice auto-tunes that make it impossible not to break out into dance moves. The song is enchanting and a favorite to fans, making it emerge at number twenty-six on US Billboard Hot Country Singles & Track chart.

6. Till I Found You


This country classic song is about love that has been found. Lyrically, Marty Stuart talks about his world evolving and his life having meaning when he met her. Anyone who has someone special in their lives would resonate with this song. This single was penned by Paul Kennerley and Hank DeVito and was released in April 1991 from Marty Stuart’s album, Tempted.

5. Hillbilly Rock


“Hillbilly Rock” would be the right track to listen to as you hit the road with your friends. This upbeat song has catchy lyrics, and the instrumentals are pretty remarkable. Paul Kennerley wrote the music, and Marty Stuart recorded and released it in March 1990 from his album, Hillbilly Rock. The song peaked at number eight on US Billboard Hot Country Singles & Track chart.

4. Tempted


This stunning ballad was the highest-charting solo single of Marty Stuart’s career, and it peaked at number five on US Billboard Hot Country Singles & Tracks chart. It was released in August 1991 from Marty Stuart’s album, Tempted. From the song, you would hear Marty Shuart’s unconventional love for country music, and his vocals and guitar riffs make this song a favorite among fans. Lyrically, the song is about a girl who is attractive and irresistible, and one could easily be tempted to fall in love with her.

3. Little Things


“Little Things” was released in January 1991 from Marty Stuart’s album, Tempted. Marty Shuart and Paul Kennerley penned down this single. In the song, Marty Stuart says that the little things and small efforts matter and make everything perfect. The guitar sound is sparkly, and Marty Stuart’s vocals are amazing. This stunning hit peaked at number eight on US Billboard Hot Country Songs.

2. This One’s Gonna Hurt You (For a Long, Long Time)


This single came from Marty’s sixth studio album and was also the song that was responsible for the album being certified gold by RIAA. The song features Travis Tritt, who adds an extra element with his deep voice. Critics positively received this ballad, rising to number seven on the US Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. The song is about a relationship that one is convinced will hurt for a long time if it ends. Both Marty Stuart and Travis Tritt deliver soft vocals supplemented by guitar riffs, winning the Vocal Event of the Year Award in 1994.

1. The Whiskey Ain’t Working


“The Whiskey Ain’t Working” has to be the best and highest-charting Marty Stuart’s song of all time. Marty Stuart co-wrote the song with the American country music artist Travis Tritt and released it in November 1991 from Travis Tritt’s album; It’s All About to Change. The song was a massive success and charted number two on the US Billboard Country Music chart and number four on the Canadian Country Singles chart. This hit gave Marty Stuart his first Grammy award for Best Country Collaborations with Vocals in 1992. Lyrically, you can hear both artists sharing tales of their sorrows in exchange for “ been there, done that” scenarios.

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