The 10 Best Matt Stell Songs of All-Time

Matt Stell

Matt Stell is an American country music singer, recording artist, guitarist, and songwriter. He rose to fame in 2019 when he released Prayed for You and Everywhere but On. Before singing as a solo artist, he was the lead singer of the band “The Crashers” in the late 2000s and early 2010s. He released three albums while being involved with the band, e.g., Vestibule Blues, The Sound and the Story, and A River Through It. Due to his rising fame, he opened for major artists like Eric Church and Luke Bryan. As a songwriter, he has worked with Casey Donahew, Bart Crow, and the John D. Hale Band. After capturing his brief journey into music, it is time we identify some of his best songs. Below are the top ten Matt Stell songs from good to best.

10. That Ain’t Me No More (2021)


This beautiful ballad is a remorseful and reflective break-up song. In this song, the artist admits to his woman how drunk he would get and how short-tempered he was. However, despite the change in his behavior, the woman has already moved on. She finds a man who treats her nicely. The song, therefore, informs us of the importance of treating people well. If we do not, we will lose them.

9. Prayed for You (2019)


The song focuses on a complicated journey to love. Although there may be darkened roads that lead nowhere, you only need to have faith that the love of your life may show up. This is the song that changed Matt’s life since it changed his status from a struggling country artist to one of the top country singers. According to Taste of Country, the song became No. 1 on Billboard’s Country Airplay chart.

8. Boyfriend Season (2021)


Initially, this song had a different title. According to, the song was originally titled Whatever Helps You Sleep at Night by Matt. His girlfriend suggested the current title since no one in the song was sleeping. After some back and forth, he finally agreed to stick with the song’s current title. This song is about a woman who breaks up with a man. It urges the woman to be prepared for any outcome of the breakup.

7. Everywhere but On (2019)


This song happens to be Matt’s favorite since it deals with some of the things he has experienced before. In the song, his character explains the emotional hardships he is facing after ending a relationship. Incidentally, this is the same experience he felt when he once called off his engagement. The song further explains how difficult it is to move on, despite the person ending the relationship. Matt’s character tries to forget her by moving from place to place but is unable to do so.

6. Man Made (2022)


If you are looking for a song that praises women, this is a song you might like. The song details everything man has made. However, it acknowledges that men may not have made some items without the support of women. In the song, he talks about how men are eager to please their mothers or women by building things. Therefore, the women indirectly motivate men to work harder. The song has an upbeat feeling, so it praises women without being too sentimental.

5. If I Was a Bar (2020)


Some people drink in bars to cope with stress. According to Independent, nearly 60% of adults drink to cope with stress, e.g., after a breakup. However, Matt manages to twist the concept of using the bar to cope with stress. Instead of drinking in a bar, he starts a successful bar to get back at his ex-girlfriend. He explains that his bar will sell drinks his ex-girlfriend wouldn’t like, e.g., whiskies.

4. Chase It Down (2020)

This song encourages its listeners to take a leap of faith. If you do not, you may end up doing the same thing repeatedly. In the opening lines, he appears to caution a friend that they will be stuck between jobs and the friend’s mother’s place. Therefore, he encourages his friend to move to a new location without any hesitation. Even though chasing your dreams may not work, you will at least be glad you took a risk.

3. Sadie (2020)


Sadie is a song about a man who seeks a second chance with the lover he lost when he was younger. Despite not meeting the woman in a long time, the man is ready to take drastic measures like rioting or falling into a fire to win her over. Matt admits that the song challenged him to sing with a certain melody he wouldn’t usually sing, yet he still managed to do a great job. The song manages to tell a lot, yet with minimal words.

2. Look at me Now (2020)


The song focuses on a man’s behavior during his wedding to a particular woman. Before, he admitted to her that he would not cry, no matter what. Yet it is during his wedding that he sheds some tears. The message we can learn from the song is that there is always a situation that can cause even tough men to break down. An admirable thing about this song is how sorrowful Matt is able to sound as he talks about his crying.

1. Better I Drink (2019)


Here is another song that focuses on the artist’s struggle to forget about an ex-girlfriend. Finally, he manages to forget about her by drinking alcohol. In the song, he does not mix his drinks due to his desperation to forget about her. Although drinking is not the best way to cope with breakups, the song focuses on how people use alcohol as a coping mechanism.


Even though there have been fears of country music dying, you do not need to worry about that with Matt Stell in the picture. He has managed to stay true to the genre by using the appropriate instrumentation and singing about real-life events. So, if you need to listen to contemporary country songs, consider listening to Matt Stell.

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