The 10 Best Minecraft Parody Songs of All-Time


Minecraft Parody songs are nostalgic and bring back childhood memories. Minecraft Parody songs are composed of animated graphics that delight with background music of popular songs rewritten with Minecraft-themed lyrics and tunes. These songs have become popular over the last decade as inspiring artists continue to become more creative in making them. The music videos are fun to watch since they contain astounding video games.

Minecraft Parodies songs also have unique stories, great characters, beautiful lyrics and incredible animated graphics. Watching these animated parodies is so interesting, especially these animal jams played in the wild, which can be addictive. This list is just a tiny sampling of the Minecraft Parody songs, as there are so many of them to listen to. Here are the best ten Minecraft Parody songs of all time.

10. Herobrine’s Life – Rainimator

This great hit is about a mysterious Herobrine who was involved in war and almost got killed and defeated but eventually, he defeated his enemies with a superpowered blast of lightning. It is composed of great imagery and slow tunes making it a spectacular single. “Herobrine’s Life” was produced by Rainimator as a Minecraft Parody of the single “Something Just Like This” by the artists Chainsmoker and Coldplay. The track was released as the second video in the Herobrine Parody series.

9. Hunger Games Song – Bajan Canadian

“Hunger Games Song” is a Minecraft Parody of the song “Decisions” by the artist Borgore. The song is brilliant, Jake and John Cardiff’s vocals are amazingly catchy and funny, and the video artwork is simply iconic. This track was uploaded on YouTube in December 2013 by Bajan Canadian and had 108 million views. It’s one of the greatest songs in the Minecraft community and is yet to be regarded as an official anthem of the Minecraft Hunger games.

8. Gold – Rain Olaguar

This Minecraft Parody has an inspiring storyline about an ambitious man from a poor village who goes to minefields to mine gold to rescue his village from poverty. The track is a Minecraft Parody of the single “7 Years” by Lukas Graham, released in June 2016 by Rain Olaguar. The song accumulated over 37 Million views on YouTube. Matt Greco’s vocals sound fantastic, and you will enjoy listening to this single.

7. I Am Believing – Lachlan

This song was created by famous YouTuber Lachlan and released in December 2014 on his YouTube channel. “I Am Believing” has a great Minecraft video with excellent graphics and features, and listening to it brings everyone childhood memories. This song inspires listeners to have confidence and believe in themselves. Upon release, it was a commercial success and garnered 122 million views on YouTube.

6. Fallen Kingdom – CaptainSparklez

This is yet another Minecraft Parody that blew my mind and reminded me how great my childhood was. “Fallen Kingdom” is one of the famous parodies of “Viva La Vida” by the rock band Coldplay that was produced and released in April 2012 by CaptainSparklez. This Minecraft version of the song is eminent with a captivating plot that shows a king reminiscing about what his kingdom once was before a hostile mob took it over.

5. Take Back The Night – CaptainSparklez

“Take Back The Night” is an original Minecraft Parody song produced by CaptainSparklez and released in August 2013. The animation and effects quality of the music is magnificent, making it one of the greatest Minecraft songs. The track was released in August 2013 as the second single from TryHardNinja’s debut album, In Real Life. TryHardNinja’s vocals are catchy and unique and add an extra element to the song.

4. SuperNatural Mobs – TheAtlanticCraft

This great hit is a Minecraft Parody of the song “California Gurls” by artist Katy Perry featuring Snoop Dogg. “SuperNatural Mobs” was sung by ShadyVoxYT and EileMonty and released in December 2013 by TheAtlanticCraft. The song is quite catchy with great imagery and graphics, making it a piece of award-worthy music. The track was created with a viewpoint of a hostile mob called the skeleton army who have shown their superiority over the world.

3. Build Our Machine – DAGames

This song has a beautiful imaginary and evocative story and was written for the 2017 horror video game Bendy and Ink Machine by the YouTube artist DAGames. It was released from the DAGames Greatest Hits Vol 1 and Eternal Swing albums as a single track. The instrumental version of the song is amazing. In the music video, Bendy, the cartoon character, is seen singing with despair alongside some background vocals about the inevitable death of the players. The video has 227 million views on YouTube.

2. Don’t Mine at Night – Bebopvox

“Don’t Mine at Night” was released in December 2012 by the popular YouTuber Bebopvox and sung by Brad Knauber as the vocalist. The song communicates the dangers of mining at night and recommends one to wait till morning to do mining. This hit manifests the great work of art and subsequently became an excellent Minecraft parody written and has garnered over 159 million views on YouTube.

1. Revenge – CaptainSharklez

“Revenge” is a Minecraft Parody of “DJ Got Us Fallin’ In Love” by singer Usher. The song was released by the Youtube gamer CaptainSharklez in August 2011 and was performed by artist TryHardNinja as the vocalist. The animation video shows a video game with great graphics that is captivating and makes you squirm. The song was featured as the opening line for the popular game Discord in July 2019, generating attention and becoming the most watched Minecraft Parody song on YouTube with 275 million views.

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