20 Awesome Songs about Hope

Bob Marley

The worst thing you can ever do in life is to give up because once you feel like you have nothing left to live for, suicidal thoughts start creeping into your mind.

Francois de La Rochefoucauld said it better; that hope is the last thing that dies in a man, and though sometimes it is deceitful, it makes life more pleasant as we journey to our end.

While there are many ways to keep hope alive, sometimes music is best, especially when you listen to the song and understand the lyrics. So, whenever you feel like you have hit rock bottom, how about you play one of these 20 awesome songs about hope to lift your spirit?

20. Storm is Over by R. Kelly

Kelly is, unfortunately, a disgraced singer known for sexually abusing minors, a behavior that led to him being locked up for 30 years. However, before that, we appreciated soulful tunes such as this song that no matter how big the storm is, it will come to pass, and we shall see the sunshine again.

The lyrics are quite inspirational, maybe inspired by his legal battles, which by then, he had managed to settle out of court. Too bad for the singer because while he thought his storms were over, they were only beginning.

19. I Believe I Can Fly by R. Kelly

At times you feel hopeless, and as the lyrics in this song say, you feel like you cannot go on anymore. Luckily, things start looking up once you start manifesting good things in your life. Y

ou begin visualizing because if you can see it, then you can do it. Once you believe you can do something, then within no time, you can achieve it. Well, that is what Kelly believed in, and we have this awesome song that revives hope in us all whenever we are on the verge of breaking down.

18. Hope by Twista Featuring Faith Evans 23

The opening lyrics of this song pay tribute to departed souls such as Aaliyah, Left Eye, Jam Master Jay, and those who died in the 9/11 terrorist attack. Twista says that after we have lost those we loved, all we have left is hope. So, we keep hoping for better days. The rapper then goes on to list his wishes.

For instance, he wishes his grandmother was not sick, his brother would have made bail, and the streets were not so violent because he kept losing his friends. Still, Evans reminds us that everything will be okay because we are hopeful.

17. Everything’s Gonna Be Alright by Bob Marley

The song only has a verse and chorus that Marley keeps repeating, but that is all it takes to let his audience know there is hope even when the sky is grey.

He urges his listeners not to worry about anything because everything is going to be alright. It is the kind of song you should have in your playlist whenever you fall on tough times, to keep reminding yourself that the sky will turn blue again.

16. Something Inside So Strong by Kenny Rogers

The lyrics were composed by Libe Siffre after watching a documentary about Apartheid in South Africa. In the clip, Siffre watched as white soldiers opened fire on black civilians.

The injustice brought back memories of Siffre growing up as a gay child; thus, unfortunately, could not work or even live in Nigeria, his father’s homeland. Rogers brought the lyrics to life in his version. It is a song for people struggling with injustice and repression as it helps to keep their hope alive.

15. I Will Survive by Gloria Gaynor

Gaynor said that she has always felt this song was a gift from God to her as it resonates with everyone celebrating the human tenacity.

Although she did not write the song, Gaynor knew from the first time she laid her eyes on the lyrics penned by Dino Fekaris and Freddie Perren that it would be a hit.

The music producers had written the song two years before it was released. Even when people needed to know that the COVID pandemic would also pass, “I Will Survive” was the song to revive hope. Of course, with a few tweaks to make it relevant.

14. I Have a Dream by Westlife

Sometimes, all you can do is have faith that there is something much better waiting for you in the end. Therefore, this song originally sung by ABBA reminds us that, at times the fantasies we hang on to help us through our darkest times. Besides, if you are superstitious and believe in angels, then you see them every day; even in ordinary life, whenever something good happens.

13. My Life is In Your Hands by Kirk Franklin

For Christians, there is a verse in the Bible that says weeping may endure for the night, but joy comes in the morning. That is the basis of this song released in 1997.

However, religious or not, the lyrics speak to every heart, telling it that no matter what comes our way, we can take it. Sometimes even your friends and loved ones are not by your side when you need them most, but there is hope in the Supreme Being. Christians believe in – Jesus – who wipes away every tear.

12. Rise Up by Andra Day

Day said she wrote this song when her personal and music lives were stagnating, and her friend had been diagnosed with cancer. She thought of it as a prayer, pouring her heart out; hence most of the song is a freestyle recording.

She was even disappointed that she found herself using clichés but then, they helped her out of her hopelessness. The song was so powerful that it was used in the Black Lives Matter Campaign.

11. Hope by Natasha Bedingfield

When Philosophy, a North American luxury skin, and beauty care brand, wanted a singer to support its Hope & Grace Initiative, it settled for Bedingfield. Since she knows how powerful words are, she took up the offer to collaborate with the brand.

As a result, “Hope,” was born to support women struggling with mental illness. She understood how hopeless women who struggle with mental illness feel; thus, the lyrics were easy for her to write.

10. I Can See Clearly Now by Johnny Nash

Nash was only 32 when he released this song, having been inspired by Bob Markey to incorporate a touch of Reggae in his music. Marley introduced Nash to the local scene after Nash moved to Jamaica in 1965. After a few attempts at making it big, Nash finally found success with the hit “I Can See Clearly Now.”

The song reached # 1 in America and #5 in the UK. It is about hope, talking about a bright day after the rain is gone. It is therefore no wonder that other musicians like Ray Charles and Jimmy Cliff covered it. The song never grows old given that we all need some uplifting whenever our hearts sink.

9. I Smile by Kirk Franklin

Franklin along with other songwriters wrote the song when the musician was struggling with depression, fear, anxiety, and worry. Thankfully he overcame and realized things could have been much worse.

So he learned to be grateful and smile regardless of whatever he was going through. The opening lines speak to those going through the same struggles that Franklin battled. It encourages us to believe that God is working behind the scenes, so we should never lose hope.

8. Survivor by Destiny’s Child

Beyoncé Knowles denied the lyrics were about former bandmates though it is easy to assume they were. As one of the songwriters, Knowles wrote that they had grown wiser, stronger, and even more successful since the exit of whoever they sang about (in this case, former group members.) It is a song encouraging you not to entertain anyone who undermines you. Instead, show that you are not a hopeless case and can do better without them.

7. A New Day Has Come by Celine Dion

This song was inspired by Dion’s “miracle baby”. After struggling with infertility for years, she finally conceived through in-vitro fertilization and gave birth to her son.

However, it was more than just celebrating the gift of a child; the singer added that the song was meant to give hope after the 9/11 attacks. After taking a break from music to deal with her husband’s cancer diagnosis, Dion come back with a bang so it also marked her return with a new album that shot to the top.

6. Rise by Katy Perry

If ever there was a song that speaks of a phoenix rising from the ashes, this is it. The lyrics carry so much depth. Each person can relate, and the bottom line is that the song tells of hope regardless of how beaten down they are. Even when others can sense your doom, and like vultures, they start circling, expecting to benefit from your failure, let them know that there is victory in your veins and you will still rise.

5. When You Believe by Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey

In 1998, DreamWorks released “Prince of Egypt,” a film showing the journey of the Israelites from being slaves in Egypt to finding Canaan, the Promised Land. The movie features the song “When You Believe” written by Stephen Schwartz, but Babyface added some lyrics. The resulting piece was performed by two of the greatest singers, Carey and Houston. It talks of achieving miracles when you believe despite hope being frail.

4. Stronger by Kelly Clarkson

This is the perfect song for a person who is going through a breakup and thinks that the end of the road. For the person who gives their ex too much credit and needs to learn to let go of the past. Clarkson says that whatever does not kill you will make you stronger. So no matter how heartbroken you are, there is the hope of you becoming much stronger than you have ever been, once you are healed.

3. I’m Still Standing by Elton John

John has a past of drugs and reckless sexual behavior that resulted in him making huge mistakes. Two days before his concert on October 25, 1975, the singer had tried to commit suicide.

He once said it probably had been prompted by a love affair gone bad. Fortunately, he was able to pick up the pieces and sang “I’m Still Standing,” giving hope to those who feel their world is ending when love turns sour.

2. Fight Song by Rachel Platten

The funny thing about this song is that Platten wrote it when she was at the lowest point in her life yet it has become an inspirational anthem. Platten had been trying to make a music career for almost ten years but she was not ready to give up.

She penned the lyrics to tell herself that she would keep fighting and did not expect anyone else to ever hear it. However, it became a hit and within 72 hours of hearing the song on the radio for the first time, she was signed to a major music label.

1. Eye of the Tiger by Survivor

When Sylvester Stallone wanted a song for his film “Rocky III,” he turned to Jim Peterik and Frankie Sullivan for help. Stallone left a message in the answering machines of the musicians and that was the beginning of a new collaboration that took Survivor from little-known musicians to Grammy winners and Oscar nominees. The 1982 song was the biggest hit of that year, thanks to its being featured in the film.

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