The 10 Best Pat Green Songs of All-Time

Pat Green

Meet Patrick Craven Green, whose stage name is Pat Green. He’s a US country music singer from Texas, born on April 5, 1972, who kickstarted his music career at 18. During that time, he used to perform karaoke gigs at clubs and bars in Lubbock. As fate would have it, he got his most significant break in 1995 and has since released and recorded seven albums, some of which contain singles that made it to the Billboard Hot Country Songs charts. Here are the ten best Pat Green songs of all time.

10. “Take Me Out to a Dancehall” (1999)


According to Taste of Country, Pat Green’s view of music is to toss it on the wall; if it sticks, you are made for it. But if it doesn’t, you have another chance to try again. His song, “Take Me Out to a Dancehall,” is about a man asking a young lady out on a date, the dance hall, to be precise. We found it odd that he would release the 1999 song while playing his guitar instead of showing us the lady in question. But with music, there’s no right or wrong. Best line: “it’s going to be late; hell, we might not make it back at all. So, take me out to a dancehall.”

9. “Texas on My Mind” feat Cory Morrow (2001)


You already know that Texas is the hub of most country music singers, Pat Green included. His track “Texas on My Mind” from the album “Three Days” takes you on a journey to Texas. Released in 2001, the 4.39-minute song was written by Django Walker, helping its peak on the Billboard Top Country Songs chart. We like this song because it collaborates Green and Cory Morrow, another successful American country music singer. Best line: “I woke up this morning, Texas on my mind.”

8. “While I Was Away” (2015)


According to The Dallas Morning News, Pat Green is married to Kori Green, who they have two children- Kellis and Rainey. His track, “While I Was Away,” is about a man missing his family. He dedicated the 2015 song to his children as a tribute to parents whose work keeps them from seeing their kids’ milestones. It’s an excellent song to listen to if you are always away from your kids because your absentia is work-related. Best line: “And I noticed you looked older than you did yesterday.”

7. “Don’t Break My Heart Again” (2001)


“Don’t Break My Heart Again” is another fantastic song that Pat Green co-wrote alongside Wade Bowen. Green released it in 2001 via the album “Lucky Ones” as a love song. It talks about a man wishing his lover doesn’t disappoint him. All because he wants to reciprocate the love he has for her. Best line: “Your love is all I want to win. Don’t break my heart again.”

6. “Wave on Wave” (2003)


“Wave on Wave” is the first single and title track from the album “Wave on Wave,” released by Pat Green in May 2003. The singer co-wrote it alongside David Neuhauser. We found this song unique because it peaked at number 3 on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart in the US, making it his first and only one to reach the Top 10 hit. It is no wonder it featured among songs played during former US president- George W. Bush’s 2004 reelection campaign. Best line: “Mile upon mile, got no direction. We’re all playing the same game.”

5. “Songs about Texas” (1997)


“Songs about Texas” is another fantastic track featuring in Pat Green’s “George’s Bar” album. Released in 1997, the track has become a sensational anthem for Texas-born and raised folks and their love for country music. This song is popular because he mentions famous Texas-born artists like his father, Jerry Jeff Walker, and Guy Clark. He also mentions the instruments famously used to play country music. Best line: “I sing songs about Texas. I sing them often as if she was some old lover I used to know.”

4. “Feels Just Like It Should” (2006)


Pat Green co-wrote the track “Feels Just Like It Should” alongside Brett James and Justin Pollard in 2006. It was the lead-off single from his “Cannonball” album. We ranked this track fourth because it peaked at 13 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. To occupy that position means it’s one of Green’s greatest hits. The song talks about a man pouring his heart out to his lover, making the moment “feel just like it should.” Best line: “And it feels just like it should.”

3. “Dixie Lullaby” (2006)


The second single from the album “Cannonball” is “Dixie Lullaby” by Pat Green. It was released in 2006 and ran for 4.08 minutes. Going by experts’ reviews, this song relives memories of childhood that are specific to everyone. Green talks about his relationship with his father in a eulogy, making it such a sensational and sad song. The song peaked at 24 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. Best line: “Oh my, what a beautiful life. Just like a Dixie lullaby.”

2. “I Like Texas” (1995)


“I Like Texas” is a 1995 track by Green from the album “Dancehall Dreamer.” Green is a proud Texan, and he can’t wait to take you around the city through this song. He talks about Dalhart, Del Rio, El Paso Way, Houston, Copano Bay, Red River, and the Rio Grande. After this song, you will also “Like Texas.” Best line: “Yeah, I like Texas; ain’t it fine here.”

1. “Carry On” (2001)


“Carry On” is a 4:58-minute song written by Pat Green and Walt Wilkins. It was released in September 2001 and features among the tracks in the album “Three Days.” The song peaked at 35 on the US Hot Country Songs (Billboard) chart. The song’s message is to inspire anyone tired of city life to go to the countryside to escape it. Best line: “Yeah, everybody gotta get away sometime.”

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