The 10 Best Songs About Deception

Billy Joel

When songwriters write a song, they often use their personal experiences to use as a theme or choose a topic with which listeners can relate. For example, falling in love, the end of a relationship, or staying strong when times are tough. Another topic to which people can relate is deception, as most people have been deceived at some point in their lives. Here are the 10 best songs about deception.

10. Liar, Three Dog Night (1971)


Ultimate Classic Rock lists ‘Liar’ as one of the best songs about deception. It was originally written by Russ Ballard for his band, ‘Argent,’ and they released it in 1970. However, the single was not a success. Only a year later, the song was picked up by the band Three Dog Night, and they had greater success with the single. It reached number seven on the US Billboard Hot 100 and peaked at number four on the charts in Canada.

9. Sweetest Lie, Goo Goo Dolls (2010)


‘Sweetest Lie’ is a song about being deceived and then dumped but still wanting to be with the person that deceived you and ended the relationship. It was the opening track on their ninth studio album, ‘Something for the Rest of Us.’ The song was written by Goo Goo Dolls lead guitarist and frontman, John Rzeznik.

8. Little Lies, Fleetwood Mac (1987)


‘Little Lies’ is about how deception is not always a bad thing, and sometimes lies can prevent the hurt that truth may cause. This single appeared on ‘Tango in the Night,’ Fleetwood Mac’s 14th studio album. In the United States, ‘Little Lies’ reached the number one spot on the Adult Contemporary Billboard and number four on the Billboard Hot 100. It also topped the charts in Poland. Elsewhere, it was a top ten hit in Canada, Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Switzerland, and the UK.

7. Would I Lie to You?, Eurythmics (1985)


‘Would I Lie to You?’ was the first single released from the 1985 Eurythmics album ‘Be Yourself Tonight.’ The single reached the top of the charts in Australia, and it was a top ten hit in the United States, Canada, and New Zealand. The song is about a woman getting revenge on her cheating lover, with lead singer Annie Lennox playing the wronged woman in the single’s music video.

6. Lyin’ Eyes, Eagles (1975)


‘Lyin’ Eyes’ was the second single released from the Eagles’ album ‘One of These Nights.’ The song is about a group of men sat in a restaurant watching attractive young women with older men and questioning their motives and if there is deception taking place. This single reached number two on the US Billboard Hot 100 and was also a top ten hit in Canada, Ireland, and New Zealand.

5. Policy of Truth, Depeche Mode (1990)


Depeche Mode is an English electronic music band. ‘Policy of Truth’ is a single from their seventh studio album, ‘Violator,’ which was released in 1990. It is Depeche Mode’s only single to chart higher in the United States than in the UK, and it reached number one in the US Alternative Airplay charts and the Polish charts. It was also a top ten hit in Finland, Spain, and Germany.

4. Suspicious Minds, Elvis Presley (1969)


‘Suspicious Minds’ was written and released by American songwriter Mark James in 1968. Unfortunately, it was a commercial failure. The song was then picked up by Elvis Presley, who released it in 199, and it became a chart-topping hit. The song is about a dysfunctional relationship where deception has taken place, and the couple has become mistrusting of each other. Their relationship will only work if they can overcome their issues.

3. This Masquerade, The Carpenters (1973)


‘This Masquerade’ is a song written by Leon Russell, who used it on his own album ‘Carney’ in 1972. He also released it as the B-side for his single ‘Tight Rope.’ The track was then released, also in 1972, by Helen Reddy on her album ‘I Am Woman.’ By the time the song was performed by The Carpenters, they were the third act to release the song. It was the second track on The Carpenters’ fifth studio album, ‘Now & Then.’ The song was also released as the B side for the hit single ‘Please Mr. Postman’ from the same album. ‘This Masquerade’ was later released by George Benson in 1976.

2. It’s Not True, The Who (1965)


‘It’s Not True’ by The Who is a song about a man having lies told about him and trying to convince a woman he is not deceiving her. It is one of the tracks from the band’s debut album. In the UK, the album was released as ‘My Generation’ in 1965. The album was released in the United States a few months later using the name ‘The Who Performs My Generation.’ ‘It’s Not True’ appears on both versions of the album, although the track ‘I’m a Man’ only appears on the UK version and is replaced by the song ‘Instant Party (Circles)’ on the US version of the album.

1. Honesty, Billy Joel (1978)


According to The Guardian, one of the best songs about deception is ‘Honesty’ by Billy Joel. At the time when Billy Joel wrote ‘Honesty,’ he had just had problems with his first record company and manager. So, there is the possibility that he wrote the song about his experiences. The track was also prophetic, as he went on to have further problems with his manager and with his wives. ‘Honesty’ was the second track on Joel’s sixth studio album, ‘52nd Street,’ which was a chart-topping album in the United States and multiple other countries.

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