The 10 Best The Tubes Songs of All-Time

The Tubes is a rock band based in San Francisco, California, and its original members were Bill Spooner, Vince Welnick, Rick Anderson, and Bob Mclntosh. They released their first album, “White Punks on Dope,” in 1975. Over the years, the band has seen new members come and others leave, but the current ones are Roger Steen, Prairies Prince, Fee Waybill, Rick Anderson, and David Medd. The band majors in producing rock songs, and in this article, we shall discuss the 10 best songs it has ever produced since its formation.

10. Don’t Touch Me There

The song is decorated with a sexual tone of a male and female talking about their love story. The song plays for 3:30 minutes, and the band incorporated the service of Jane Dornacker, who played the introduction role. It was the fifth song in the “Young and Rich” album.

9. Tv is King

It appears you will have some great tunes in your album whenever Todd Rundgren is part of it. This is featured in the “Remote Control” album released in 1979. “Tv is King” was written by Todd Rundgren and Fee Waybill. The album had several songs whose theme was focused on the use of television. In this one, the writers aimed to demonstrate how powerful television is in American society. It is a three minutes and eight seconds track that narrates how the lead vocalist is glued to his Tv, and he can’t do anything to help himself off it.

8. Amnesia

With a low instrumental tempo, the lead artist attempts to recall their good memories with their partner. Spotify ranks it as the 8th most popular song by the band. The song was part of the hits the band released in the 1981 album-(The Completion Backward Principle.”

7. Don’t Want to Wait Anymore

Here comes another track from the 1980s “The Completion Backward Principle” album by the Tubes. The lead guitarist, Bill Spooner, takes the lead vocals in the song. David Foster produced the hit, and it takes three minutes and fifty seconds of the album. As it sounds, it carries the story of a man looking forward to spending good times with his girlfriend as he explains to her the nostalgic expectations he has about their love story. At its peak, it ranked 22nd on the U.S. Billboard Mainstream Rock and 35th on the U.S.U.S. Cash Box Top 100 and U.S.U.S. Billboard Hot 100.

6. Tip of My Tongue

The song is based on a lover who persuades their partners that they can offer more than the words in the song. The song was released along with other great tunes in the 1983 album “Outside Inside.” The great works of David Foster played a huge role in ensuring that this song benefited from the fame of; She’s a Beauty.” It takes 3:58 minutes to listen to the hit.

5. What Do You Want from Life

The storyline of this song is based on the mockery of the American television running adverts convincing viewers to continue demanding more material things in their life. They also warned people against a culture of being in constant pursuit of greatness at the expense of happiness. The song employs a rhetorical question in its chorus as the guitars and keyboard keep on playing in a constant tone. At the song’s end, Fee Waybill becomes an announcer and mentions products flooding the Tv sets with such adverts.

4. Prime Time

For those who feel that their love story is at its peak, here is one of the songs you can play when you are together. If you are a fan of Todd Rundgren, then through this song, you will notice that he played a significant part in the “The Remote Control” album released in 1979. The song is based on a couple’s love story where they imagine they are at the ‘prime time’ of their love. The song borrows a lot from the great concept of the album, which was produced with the storyline of an idiot who could not get his eyes off the Tv. This is among the tracks where the band sought the services of female vocalists, and they had the services of Re Styles, who was also an outstanding stage performer.

3. White Punks on Dope

From their debut album in 1975, Eponymous, you will find this track running for three minutes and eighteen seconds. Roger Steen and Bill Spooner wrote it. The song is based on a story of rich kids involved in different social vices, such as drugs. When doing the song, they were aiming to light up the debate that it is only poor kids who can be involved in those misdeeds. In one of the best remixes of the song, the lead musician plays the role of a white dude’s character who is already under drugs.

2. Talk to You Later

“Talk to You Later” was one of the best hits in Tubes’ second album, “The Completion Backward Principle,” which the band released in 1981. The song is based on the story of a guy who goes ahead to win over a lady into his place, but when he tells her to leave, she is unwilling, and that is why he urges her that they could talk later.

The song was written by the band’s lead singer Fe Waybill, guitarist Steve Lukather, and David Foster, the album’s producer. As Waybill and other band members spent time with their engineer, Humberto Gatica, he would dismiss them by telling them’ Talk to you later,” and in the process, Waybill started thinking about doing a song with such a topic.

1. She’s a Beauty

The song ‘She’s a Beauty” was released in April 1983 by the Tubes band, and it remains their greatest hit. It was co-written by Fee Waybill, Steve Lukather, and David Foster, but Foster played the most significant part in its composition, including coming up with its title. Upon its release, the song quickly ranked among the top 10 in the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 and ultimately topped almost all charts in the Mainstream Rock Charts.

The funny part of the song is that it is based on a real-life story of Waybill, who alleged that, one night, when he was walking through the streets of San Francisco, he saw a poster reading “Pay A Dollar, Talk to a Naked Girl” and in what he thought would be a happy ending turned out to be one of the most unpleasant experiences he ever had in the city. Currently, the song has over 11 million views on YouTube.

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