Breaking Bad movie El Camino trailer and release time

Netflix release today their upcoming El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie also starring Aaron Paul as a lead role.

Netflix already shares a few trailers that give us the first look at the return of Jesse Pinkman’s character. The last one-minute long clip picks up Pinkman which begins in the wake of his dramatic escape from his journey. He stopped in the New Mexico desert.  Also listening to the radio. Then radio announces and after we saw a horrific scene with multiple victims. It started when neighbors reported hundreds of gunshots fired. When Albuquerque police arrived, they discovered the bodies of nine male victims, many shots multiple times.

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When is the Breaking Bad Movie landing on Netflix?

Before we don’t say about the date we back what’s happened in this film. We can’t sure about Walter White reprising in his role. But series creator Vince Gilligan talks about this: “I’m gonna give you that one, Rich because I love you so much. And yes, Walter White is dead. Yes.”

Also, Jonathan Banks confirmed that he will return as Mike Ehrmantraut for this film. He answered as a Yes. As we already know Banks’ character died in the fifth season of the series with flashbacks.

El Camino: A Breaking Bad movie is getting a limited theatrical release, but it’ll still be screen on Netflix from October 11. Breaking Bad Movie will release at midnight PST/3 am EST/8 am BST on Netflix.

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