The God of High School: Crunchyroll release date, synopsis and trailer

The God of High School is the new Crunchyroll Original anime adaptation of the Webtoon series from Yongje Park. Now, they shared the first trailer, release date, and details.

This is a South Korean web manga series also written and illustrated by Yongje Park. The original series was hit in the US in 2014 when Webtoon publishes with an English. The anime series producer from MAPPA animation studios. On yesterday Crunchyroll has dropped a new trailer and with that trailer also revealed the release date. This trailer shows us a few more characters and story details.

When is the release date of The God of High School anime?

Crunchyroll reveals the release date for the upcoming new anime series. Crunchyroll Original’s The God of High School will release on July 6, 2020, with English-dub.

Here’s the official description: 

“Jin Mori has proclaimed himself the strongest high schooler. His life changes when he’s invited to participate in “God of High School,” a tournament to determine the strongest high schooler of all. He’s told that if he wins, any wish he makes will be granted.

Then all the participants are powerful contenders who fight their hardest for their own wishes. What awaits them at the end of the tournament? A chaotic battle between unbelievably strong high school students is about to begin!”

The God of High School characters and cast:

  • Commissioner Q – Kenji Hamada
  • Commissioner O – Yuki Kaida
  • Han Daewi – Kentarô Kumagai
  • Park Mujin – Daisuke Namikawa
  • Yu Mira – Ayaka Ohashi
  • Announcer T – Tomokazu Seki
  • Gang Manseok – Tomokazu Sugita

The anime series also will be available in this region: North America, Central America, South America, Europe, Africa, Oceania, the Middle East, and CIS.

The God of High School will screen on Crunchyroll on July 6th, 2020. Check out the first official trailer below. Let us know what you think about this series.

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