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DEFTONES Frontman Chino Moreno Reviews Every Deftones Album with “Ohms”

DEFTONES frontman Chino Moreno criticized the band’s album discography. Moreno also waiting for the release date for their latest album “Ohms“.

In late the 90s, the DEFTONES band so popular, and the band’s every new project expected by fans. The band’s fans still waiting for the band’s new album. Also, their new album “Ohms” will release on September 25th, 2020. The band’s drew from a much wider range of influences than metal or hip-hop. After the American alternative music band’s out 2000’s album “White Pony“, an art-metal masterpiece that forever moved their careers to the pick.

During a conversation with Uproxx, DEFTONES vocalist Chino Moreno looked past on the band’s discography:

He stated: “I miss those dudes. I haven’t seen any of them in six months.” So added about the band’s discography, “Everybody firing on all cylinders. There’s not one of us individually that was sort of sitting back just going along. Everybody was very present physically and emotionally, ready to work and to put the work in.”

“That was a whole other animal. Having success with the album ‘Around the Fur,’ I felt like we were on top of our game in a lot of ways. But the climate in music had gotten really polluted at the time with a lot of bands making this formulated riff-driven radio rock kind of stuff. I didn’t really despise it, but I wasn’t really a big fan of it.

“I just knew that I wanted to take what we just did, with that confident vibe, and see where we could go. At that time, I was listening to more electronic, breakbeat stuff, like DJ Shadow records, UNKLE records, trip-hop. More drum-forward music. We all were, actually. I think we wanted to dive into that a little bit and see how we can really bring some of these sonics into our sound. When we were done with the record, I remember us being proud of it.

“But I also remember a lot of our fans not liking it, or maybe not getting it. They were just like, ‘Where are the old Deftones at? Where’s the screaming?’ It was a slow grower and there was a lot more to take in. I knew that we liked it. But I didn’t know where it was going to fit in in the times. To be honest, it really didn’t fit in. We didn’t really get much radio play.”

Listen to the DEFTONES – ‘Ohms’ track below. You can pre-order the “Ohms” album here.

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