Code Orange Premieres a New Animated Music Video for “Autumn and Carbine”

Code Orange premieres a new animated music video for their song Autumn and Carbine, which belongs to their latest album ‘Underneath‘. The premiere was made on Adult Swim’s “Toonami” block last weekend.

Code Orange is an American hardcore punk band that formed in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 2008. The band consists of a guitarist, keyboardist, and backing vocalist. Code Orange has started to rise especially in 2020. And with their last album Underneath, they have put genres all together such as industrial, death metal, intellectual dance music, and grunge as a cohesive whole.

Code Orange’s ascent has continued despite everything through technology

Because of the pandemic, existing in the digital realm has become so normal for all of us, and for Code Orange too, obviously. They used technology to keep their bonds strong with their fans during these hard times. They have been broadcasting multiple Livestream concerts for their fans while their planned tours had been canceled as the pandemic hit the US. The band’s ascent has continued despite everything and their last music video can be assumed as one of the proofs among that bond. And lately, they also provided their fans a new music video, too.

They animated the Autumn and Carbine all by themselves

The band’s own Eric “Shade” Balderose and Jami Morgan directed Autumn and Carbine all by themselves. Eric Balderose also animated the video-game avatars form. Code Orange used their own motion-capture techniques to render themselves in digital form. And the music video produced by NOWHERE2RUN Productions.

In Autumn and Carbine’s clip, we see the members of Code Orange appear in the sci-fi universe. As they find themselves in a dystopian wasteland, they start battling against the thieving overlords of a ruined future society.

The video may sound like a game cause the means of making the video aren’t far off from those used in-game designs. It provides us an entertaining sci-fi universe, just like we feel when we are playing games or watching movies. It also seems like a citation to the world’s way and how we have been forced to live it at these times.

Here is the video so that you can see it all yourself, too. Have fun while watching!

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