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Deep Purple frontman Ian Gillan: “We would rather die onstage than in bed”

Deep Purple frontman Ian Gillan says we don’t have any plan about retirement. Rock music legends want to be an extended farewell “The Long Goodbye” tour.

There are almost 50 years since Deep Purple launched its Mk. II lineup with the first “Deep Purple In Rock” album. Now, they turn a legend in the rock music genre, also Rock and Roll Hall of Fame prize releases its 21st album, “Whoosh!” coming on August 7th, 2020. During an interview for Cleveland, the band’s frontman Ian Gillan about the album. He also reveals they no longer have definitive plans to retire anytime soon.

Deep Purple frontman Ian Gillan interview:

He answered: “Where does a title like “Whoosh!” come from?”

“Whoosh!” is a word that just came into my head one day when I was scribbling. It’s a sort of onomatopoeic word that describes the transient nature of humanity on the planet earth. And it’s also, similarly, a bit of a more tongue-in-cheek way to describe Deep Purple’s career, ’cause I’m looking back at the 1970s as if it was yesterday and, whoosh! here we are now.”

Another question: “It’s 50 years now since “In Rock,” the first album you and Roger made with the band. What’s your 2020 perspective on that?

“Well, it’s been up and down, you know? We took the scenic route, for sure; We didn’t stay on the rock ‘n’ roll highway. But we made some good decisions in the early days, and one of them was to ignore fashion. Because of that, we were able to sustain some kind of relationship with our fans, who thought similarly, who didn’t want to get dumped because a new label came along, a new tag, a new style of music, a new city that everyone jumps on and destroys the rest.

I think the fact we decided to grow up naturally and evolve naturally, without having to follow a style for fashion, is the best thing we ever did. That’s probably what helped us get through all the arguments and rows and all of that.”

For about retirement and tours:

“I think a few years ago there was some kind of effort from our business connections to sort of getting an exit plan — we were all a bit under the weather, physically, so we decided on a goodbye tour. But the operative word is “long,” so, yeah, very long. We’ve got a bit to go yet. I think things are gonna be on the shelf for a while, but then I think we’ll be back for a bit of fun.”

Deep Purple will out its upcoming album, “Whoosh!“, on August 7th, 2020 via earMUSIC records. Check out the Pre-Listening video below.

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